Southeast Texas Police Officer Sees Bigfoot

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 10th, 2006

The Texas Bigfoot Research Center received an interesting report a few days ago. The witness’s statement follows: 

I am a police officer. I was traveling northbound on FM 1008 and there was an 18-wheel truck in front of me at the time and we were traveling at approx. 55 mph. I observed a large creature in an upright position run out of the tree line on the east side of the highway. It ran in front of the big truck in front of me. The truck braked and swerved to the east side of the road and the creature was unharmed and cleared the road and ran into the tree line on the west side of FM 1008. From what I could see this creature appeared to be as tall as the cab of the 18-wheeler, maybe 8 feet and was very bulky and covered in hair. I estimated the speed at which it was running to be around 35 mph with extremely long strides.

There are other police and fire services members in the Kenefick area that have seen this creature, and I have personally heard numerous stories of sightings. If I had not seen first hand, I would not have believed it myself.

To read the full report at the Texas Bigfoot Research Center’s website:

Off-duty police officer has midnight encounter on FM 1008

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17 Responses to “Southeast Texas Police Officer Sees Bigfoot”

  1. lastensugle responds:

    Always remember to look both ways before running across the street.

  2. DWA responds:

    Note how long ago the actual sighting happened.

    This is one of the most compelling “pieces of evidence” to me: all the people who have stayed clammed up for years, but finally went, dammit, I don’t care what I am or what my reputation is, I SAW WHAT I SAW.

    We might be able to give the Internet full credit when sas and his buddies enter the scientific canon. The abundance of easily-accessible reports out there is bringing lots of very qualified observers out of the woodwork. Cross fingers.

  3. crgintx responds:

    This sighting happened in an area less than 20 miles from the Big Thicket. One of the most pristine wilderness areas in Texas if not the US. It’s a scary place to spend a night even without Bigfoot sightings.

  4. shovethenos responds:

    Let’s state the facts (from reading the link too):

    – witness is employed as a police officer

    – witness acknowledges he was a skeptic before the sighting

    – the “animal” sprints across a highway in front of an 18-wheeler, nearly being hit by it

    I know that few skeptics would admit that their position is in trouble with a sighting like this, but it would seem to be. What wacko is going to put on an ape suit that makes him appear 8 feet tall and sprint across a highway in front of an 18-wheeler at night? What does the witness have to gain – he admits he is being ridiculed and even scorned for reporting his sighting?

  5. mememe responds:

    Well this is just typical of the youth of today alas. Seems even BigFoots like to play chicken with traffic..

    Or maybe BigFoot was hoping for some road kill Burger?

  6. bill green responds:

    hey craig , very interesting new texas sasquatch encounter by a police officer. but is there a police report about this sighting or a police radio report regarding this sighting?

  7. mememe responds:

    This sighting is from 2002

  8. chrisandclauida2 responds:

    if only the driver had been a little more tired and a tad bit less alert.

  9. mitchigan responds:

    The officer should have pulled the 18 wheeler over and questioned the trucker about what he saw, a corroboration of the officers sighting in other words.

  10. Ole Bub responds:

    Thanks Craig….

    Who ya gonna call when you got that 800 pounder wedged in your Kenworth intercooler? The cab height on most tractors is well over 10 feet…JMHO

    seeing is believing…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  11. mystery_man responds:

    I am not suprised that it would run out in front of the truck. Did this happen in the evening, or during the day? Sometimes animals at night will become startled by an oncoming vehicle and rather foolishly dart off across the road. I am sure most posters here have had the experience of a deer, fox, raccoon, even a housecat dashing out in front of their car as they drove along a lonely stretch. Why not Bigfoot? It has already been mentioned in an earlier article that they often haunt roadsides looking for roadkill. I myself almost got killed once when I swerved to avoid a deer and put my car in a ditch. I have read lots of reports of a Bigfoot running out in front of cars. This aspect of this story is not entirely far fetched.

  12. EastexQueenB responds:

    I live about 40 minutes away from where the officer allegedly made his sighting, and after spending all my life in this area, I can tell you that I believe he saw what he saw. The area is part of the Trinity River bottoms, is thick and dense, pitch black at night, and can hide just about anything. It’s not unheard of of someone getting lost out there. That particular stretch of river bottom, stretching northwards up several miles past where I used to live until I was in my teens, has been one of the most active areas in terms of sightings for years. (I’ve heard what I believe to have been vocalizations, but have never actually seen anything.) There are other records on TBRC’s website regarding other sightings on this very same stretch of road. It basically forms sort of a long loop off the main Hwy 321 that roughly follows this section of Trinity River. A lot of people live down there, but it’s still very much the deep, dark woods.

  13. cabochris responds:

    The problem with this story is it sounds very believable. I can just picture this in my mind. But where is the proof that this is even a real story? How about the name of the officer? Or a police report? If I had just seen a Bigfoot on the highway, I would have made every effort to pull the truck over, or at least get the tag number to confirm what I had just seen! After all, the trucker must have had a perfect view? For now this tale is just wishful thinking.

  14. DWA responds:

    Well, Cabochris, it might be easy from an armchair to say what the obvious thing would be to do.

    I bet you my bottom dollar I would have made no effort to do any kind of anything to the truck; I would have been too thunderstruck to even consider it. (The tag number? Hah!) This happened FAST.

    I’m furthermore a POLICE OFFICER. How likely am I to stop a truck to ask “did you see the Bigfoot I just saw?” I have, er, ah, a JOB to consider here, a job that requires one not to be on any kind of Dangerous Drugs. So I’m gonna tell a truck driver — after pulling him over — that I just saw Elvis’s buddy? How do I know he won’t clam up and say I’M the nutty one? “Yes, Your Honor, that’s him. He asked me whether I saw a Bigfoot. Was a deer ‘f ya ask me….”

    He submitted this account to TBRC anonymously, to protect himself and his livelihood, which is precisely why sites like TBRC allow anonymity.

    Shame, that we have to allow this for something the National Park Service, ferpetesake, should be clamoring for people to substantiate. But such is the reality we live in.

    Oh, this report is legit as any, no worries about that.

    And count on the truck driver never to say a thing. Unless of course he surfs the web and just happens across something. Which is why so many decades-old sightings are only coming out of the woodwork now.

  15. Mike Smith responds:

    It goes to show you even Law officers are seeing this thing.

  16. lenny responds:

    The officer had every right to pull over the trucker because he braked and was swerving. BUT!.

    The officer was probably to in disbelief to react properly at the moment and tried to analyze in his mind what just happened. one of those thoughts did not fall into the category of pulling the trucker over.

    Cops react to out of the ordinary observances so his mind was ocuppied with the sighting first and the truck braking and swerving second.

    The mind sometimes goes blank when confronted with the unknown.

  17. DWA responds:

    It probably would be good to add here:

    1. The officer was off duty. If you aren’t showing the trappings of authority it is much harder to flag someone down without blocking the road in front of him.

    2. Even with a gun, this guy was, not to put too fine a point on it, scared. Cops are human; and there was no compelling job-related reason for him to go back there. You don’t think a cop, with a gun, admitting to fear was some kind of scared?

    3. Again, this encounter happened fast. You don’t always put everything together in the time you have to do so, particularly when you’re still processing the unreality (to you) of what you saw.

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