Vancouver Island Bigfoot Video

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 21st, 2007

The following video recently came to light on youtube. It was added there on February 4, 2007.

It is entitled “Strange Humanoid Encounter.”

The following is the text shown at the beginning of the video.

On Sunday, July 16th, 2006, my brother and I had a strange encounter with a large, dark humanoid in the forests of Tofino. Our family was inside at the campground, and we went for a hike. We brought a video camera with us because the area was abundant with deer and bears. In the beginning of the clip, I quickly pull the camera out of the bag. I film for several seconds before rushing forward, at which point my brother pulls me backward. We then ran backwards 50 metres, waited for a while, and returned to the scene, where we saw some very indistinguishable footprints. We are both atheists and skeptics. My hypothesis is that this was a bear, although my memory deceives my theory. The animal was about 7 feet tall, give or take 1 foot. It hunched over quite a bit. When it first encountered us, it stared. By the time I got the camera out, it started fleeing.

Those wishing to contact me for information can do so at:

I did as the videographer requested and emailed asking for additional information.

I was told that the above text told the story.

What do the readers of Cryptomundo think about this video?

Tofino is a village of about 1,650 residents on the west coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, located at the western terminus of provincial highway 4.

Tofino was named after a Spanish mathematician and scientist, Jefe de Escuadra Tofino, who died in 1795. It is located at the tip of the Esowista Peninsula, and is thus a part of Clayoquot Sound. Islands in the vicinity include Meares, Vargas and Flores. Lone Cone mountain on Meares Island is an extinct volcano. Tofino and the nearby town of Ucluelet are the closest towns to the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

A popular tourist destination in the summer, Tofino’s population swells to many times its winter size. It attracts surfers, nature lovers, campers, whale watchers, or anyone just looking to be close to nature. In the winter it is not as bustling, however, many people visit Tofino and the west coast to watch storms on the water. The Wickaninnish Inn is credited with marketing the unique activity of storm watching from the months of November through February. Close to Tofino is Long Beach, a scenic and popular year-round destination, at the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Nearby Maquinna Marine Provincial Park, with its natural hot springs, is located about 45 km. north of Tofino and is also a popular day-trip destination for tourists although it is only reachable by boat or float plane.

Source: Wikipedia

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

59 Responses to “Vancouver Island Bigfoot Video”

  1. YourPTR! responds:

    It’s an interesting video that showed initial promise. However, it is very low quality and short even for the subject matter. After repeated viewing it does bare a remarkable resembalance to a bear fleeing from the camera on all fours and I feel that’s almost certainly what this footage represents. Next!

  2. nanniegoat responds:

    My son is a professional hunting guide and he often has stated that it is not the bears that worry him but the big cats. Bears just flat out don’t like people and at the first sign of encroachment will high tail it out of there, just as this one did.
    Sadly, no bigfoot here.

  3. ilexoak responds:

    This is a good case study on how bears can look “hominoid” when the stand to look around. Especially at a distance in the woods.

  4. CHRISDCMC12 responds:

    Looks more like a man or bear the video is so blurry you can’t see.

  5. styxx679 responds:

    Okay, I have a digi-cam, my girlfriend loves it and uses it everyday. I’ve had several digi-cams. I’ve never even held one that filmed anything of this quality. In this day and age, especially with kids, you’re not going to have a camera that’s so bad. If it’s a hoax, I think they lowered the quality to either hide a poor bigfoot costume or help to hide the features of the bear. The quality is the most suspicious aspect of this video aside from the boy filming looking side to side with the camera as his eyes

  6. sschaper responds:

    I wish we could see the original quality, rather than the shrunk-down upload to that web site. And I wish we could look at it frame by frame, the first frame with the thing it it does look more ape-like than bear like, and as I watched it a few times, it no longer looks like it is getting down on its haunches with too-long legs for a bear, but like it is walking down a ravine.

    The pixellation is horrible.

  7. mystery_man responds:

    sschaper- oh good, it’s not just my computer! I was thinking about how horrible the pixelation was too. It is so bad that i cannot honestly tell you if that kid is investigating an honest footprint or a hole in the ground.

  8. asagan responds:

    This is so clearly a bear. You can easily see it walk away on all fours. These people must have never seen a bear before. Pathetic.

  9. canuck responds:

    what I saw…

    1. The forearms are too long when standing to be a bear.
    2. Bigfoot walks both long and short distances on all 4’s.
    3. There is no snout.
    4. Bears run quickly from loud noises, this animal never broke into a run.
    5. On all fours all legs are too long.
    6. Estimating the height of the photographer’s eye level at 5’6″ and the terrain in front of the camera I would estimate this subject would be taller than 7ft. Why you ask? After spending 25 yrs. looking through a viewfinder you get a knack at judging distances and heights accurately. (hint)
    I watched this video from the point of view through the camera lens as though I was shooting the scene. (try it yourself).
    As a multiple sasquatch witness some very close, (10-15ft.) I would have to say my best guess is….. This was not a black bear!

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