Vocalizations from BFRO 2014 Texas Expedition 2

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on June 9th, 2014

Possible Sasquatch vocalizations captured in Texas?

This audio was recorded Wednesday night during the 2014 BFRO Texas Expedition while Cliff, Gary, Boyd and Kirk were on a night walk in the forest. The night walk had just started and the guys were startled to hear something so quickly. It’s understood that it would have been best if the guys had remained quiet during the event. One voice says “shut up” during the audio and he is referring to the vocalizations shutting up, not his companion. Coyotes, a dog, cattle and a possible sasquatch can be heard.

Part 1 here

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11 Responses to “Vocalizations from BFRO 2014 Texas Expedition 2”

  1. Old Philosopher responds:

    Both this and the first Texax audio take me back to Alaska…and my own backyard here in Montana.

    Sounds like a bevy of wolves, to me. Wolves don’t sound anything like coyotes, and will raise the hair on your neck.

    There are wolves in Texas, and gray wolves have even found their way into Louisiana, and neighboring states.


  2. dconstrukt responds:

    only heard wolves/coyotes…. but the problem here IMO is a little deeper… (not judging, just pointing this out)

    These ‘bigfooters’ go out looking for bigfoot.

    They believe it exists and are looking to prove it. (case in point, all the garbage “proof” posted, the wannabe sounds and blurry videos etc.)

    right there, is BIAS.

    they have intent and bias.

    Anything they hear they will try to suggest it fits their belief.

    The mind works to justify it’s position.

  3. AAU responds:

    There are no wolves in Texas. Where did you get that information?

  4. Goodfoot responds:

    AAU: Red Wolves do, in fact, exist in Texas, and a protected species there. So start off on a better footing next time.

    It is also possible, though I don’t believe it’s confirmed, that Mexican Wolves are to be found in Texas, from time to time.

    But I don’t think what’s on the tape are wolves.

  5. Dr Kaco responds:

    Pretty neat. Sounds are eerie indeed. Now, do the BFRO know for sure there were no voice calling in that area from other Bigfooters? I’m not trying to debunk but you have to put everything on the table.

  6. mandors responds:

    D, good point. When your paradigm is bigfoot exists, then everything tends to prove it.

    Sounds canine to me, but does anybody know what that duck like waaah–waaah sound in the second half of the tape is?

    And is anyone else wondering why, with the proliferation of smart phones with cameras, there aren’t more blurry inconclusive videos out there? Craig, I don’t think we’ve even seen a decent blobsquatch photo in months. Unless I’m wrong.

    Oh, and AAU, it’s called the internet.

  7. AAU responds:

    Where are you from Goodfoot?

    Because I live in Texas, and was born and raised here. Red Wolves were killed off in the early 1900s. I contacted Texas Parks and Wildlife, and confirmed that as fact. There are no species of wolf naturally occurring in the STATE OF TEXAS. Period.

  8. RandyS responds:

    AAU, just a few years ago it was confirmed that the supposedly extinct red wolf was not actually extinct, and that a few did exist in the south (though I can’t recall if the proof came from Texas, or elsewhere). Also, about ten years ago, a guy I know claimed to have seen a moose while elk hunting in Oregon. He tried reporting the sighting, but Fish and Game agents told him that there are absolutely no moose in Oregon, and that he was mistaken. Of course, ten years later, it has been confirmed that there ARE moss in Oregon, and Fish and Game print notices in there regulations every year warning hunters to make sure they know the difference between elk and moose. And now we also have wolves in Oregon. And wolverine were confirmed sighted in California. So wildlife agents don’t always know everything that exists (or doesn’t exist) in their territories.

    Also, I bet if you ask the Texas Parks and Wildlife guys if bigfoot exists in Texas, they say no to that, too.

  9. No.24 responds:

    Are you kidding me?!?! You posted exactly where you got your recordings. You just contaminated your area with hoaxers and unwanted quests. You also ruined that area for those true researchers working that part of the park. Amateur!!!

  10. Dr Kaco responds:

    @No.24 – Wow so true. Ouch!!

  11. AAU responds:

    Mandors it’s called “reading comprehension”.

    Definition of extirpate (vt)

    ex·tir·pate[ ékstər pàyt ]
    completely remove something undesirable: to completely get rid of, kill off, or destroy

    The snarkily linked web page states at the bottom had you have read it…

    Gray wolves were once found throughout North America. Historically, gray wolves were found over the western 2/3 of the state. Today, none remain in Texas. Its status in Mexico is unknown, and it may be extirpated (no longer exists in Mexico).

    There are no red wolves in Texas either.

    There are no wolves in Texas. Anyone that says different is uninformed or wishful.

    What’s on the recording is a Coydog, or a dog/coyote hybrid. I’ve heard them on my property and they can sound deeper than your typical coyote. I’ve also seen these hybrids and they can be confused for wolves because of their larger girth and height.

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