May 28, 2014

If Bigfoot was Real He Would Attack Humans More Often

How come bigfoots don’t attack humans more?

“The reason for [bigfoot not being real] is because there are no attacks. A carnivorous community would doubtless find it much easier to raid a human dwelling and carry off the inhabitants for food…” —Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods

A man that  goes by the moniker, Lord Bearclaw of Gryphon Woods, knows why Bigfoot is NOT realMr. Bearclaw has been providing Yahoo! Answers since November 20th 2006. 61% of his 7180 were considered best answers. About a year ago someone asked, “is Bigfoot real, or just fake?” and par for the course Mr. Bearclaw’s extensive answered got voted up as best answer. While our editorial “bigfoot news” committee at Bigfoot Lunch Club categorically disagrees with Mr. Bearclaw, we find his answer more novel than most and worth the read. The best part of his argument is if Bigfoot was real, the creature would attack humans more often.  How would argue against Mr. Bearclaw?

Read his full argument against Bigfoot being real at Bigfoot Lunch Club Your Bigfoot News Source.

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