November 21, 2012

The British Bigfoot Returns

Bigfoot Lunch Club

The Kentish Apeman a/k/a The British Bigfoot triggers a 70 year-old memory

News from Britain has been reporting a return of a Bigfoot-like cryptid. Locals call it the Kentish Apeman, and have recently spotted it in Tunbridge Wells Common. This is the exact place it was spotted 70 years ago.

The beast is describes as hairy, eight-foot tall, with red demonic eyes.

According to the paper, Tunbridge Wells People, “Other sightings have claimed the monster has also been on the prowl in Darftord and Blue Bell Hill, near Maidstone”. Early this year we reported on another alleged British Bigfoot trackway find in Cotswolds.

You can read more details from the Kent News article at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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