August 14, 2017

A Picture of Monkey Business – Or, How a Small Furry Pet Became a Giant Mystery Ape. Part 2: The True History of Ameranthropoides loysi

The subject documented by me here in Part 2 of my two-part Cryptomundo coverage is of profound cryptozoological significance – because it reveals in full detail how one of the most infamous mystery beast frauds of all time was finally exposed. In Part 1 (click here), I documented the ‘official’ history of a truly extraordinary mystery creature – a supposedly genuine, tailless, bipedal South American ape, reputedly encountered and killed in the Venezuelan jungle almost exactly a century ago by a team of geologists led by one Dr François de Loys, and subsequently dubbed Ameranthropoides loysi (‘Loys’s American ape’) by a radical French zoologist called Prof. George Montandon who held very extreme, controversial views concerning human evolution.

Now it’s time to document this creature’s true history, by presenting the crucial yet all-too-long-overlooked information that conclusively exposed the entire Ameranthropoides episode as a blatant, deliberate hoax.

Further details can be accessed here on my ShukerNature blog.

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