Update: Biscardi Bigfoot Reality TV Show

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 3rd, 2007

Weather fails to dampen search

More than three dozen Bigfoot hunters got a taste of Mother Nature’s bad side this weekend, battling the elements for what most said was a successful contact with Sasquatch creatures near Paris.

Bigfoot hunters, including Searching for Bigfoot Inc. chief executive officer Tom Biscardi, found the weather their worst enemy in the search of areas on or near Pat Mayse Lake in Northwest Lamar County.

Officials of Biscardi’s group said a “tornado” touched down during Thursday night’s weather outbreak, tossing trees in a wooded area along the lakeshore. Winds of more than 70 miles per hour also raked the search area. National Weather Service radar did not show a tornado in the vicinity of Pat Mayse Lake.

Searchers, however, were not chased away from their goal of finding and perhaps capturing a Bigfoot.

One search team reported having made contact Thursday night in an area near Clay’s Bluff east of Lamar Point.

“We were going down a road and heard tree knocking,” Laurel Jones of Cincinnati said. “There was a noise to the right. Our team leader started looking and saw a creature crouched down. When it stood up, you could see it. It was moving. Then, we just heard rustling, and I saw something go up the other side.”

Leigh Leon of Los Angeles said: “We heard knocking, so we stopped. That knocking is supposedly a signal they give each other. What we saw was not a small creature. It was something walking through the trees. We could hear footfalls. Then, there was tree knocking on the other side of the road. You could see through the slots in the trees. It was a being crouched down and then moving. We could see it moving its head.”

“It was so dark, we could not have gotten anything on camera,” Leon said.

“When we saw the tornado, everybody headed for cover,” Jones said. “We are pretty sure we saw the creature. As we left, I felt the creatures were following us out. We didn’t waste any time getting out.”

Leigh came to the hunt “because of an encounter 34 years ago.”

She said she was camping with her family at Shasta Lake in Northern California, when she heard a huge creature walking beside their motor home.

“I could hear its footsteps and hear its arms swish,” she said.

Friday night, hunters reported more serious encounters with the weather and the creatures.

David Holley, of Clarksville, and son John David, both of the Timberline Bigfoot Hunters group in Northeast Texas, said about 1:20 a.m. Saturday they saw a female in the Clay’s Point area.

They called in and told Biscardi they had cornered the creature, then they reported being pummeled with rocks and stones from all around them.

Biscardi said they called for help, and his team rushed toward the scene to find the first hunting team running out of the area.

Biscardi said his team headed back into the area at dawn looking for tracks and will place infrared cameras in the area to try to get creatures on film.

Earlier, hunters took plaster casts of footprints they found in the area. Biscardi said the footprints, one measuring more than 18 inches, had dermal ridges and changed with each step.

Biscardi said because of the contacts with creatures, his team will continue to search in the area, but he hopes for better weather.

“I have never seen such light shows out here,” he said.

Biscardi continues to do his radio show from the hunt scene.

He said ABC and FOX filming crews came to the scene on the first hunt night and also braved the inclement weather to film on the first night of searching.

Biscardi said filming also is being done for a television series based on the search for Bigfoot.Bill Hankins
The Paris News

Well, where do I start?

Biscardi claims a “tornado” touched down, yet the ational Weather Service radar “did not show a tornado in the vicinity of Pat Mayse Lake.”

They had winds of seventy miles per hour and they heard tree knocking. I wonder if it was the wind or “tornado” that was knocking the trees?

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16 Responses to “Update: Biscardi Bigfoot Reality TV Show”

  1. joppa responds:

    “It was so dark we could not have gotten anything on camera.”

    I thought this was a televsion show – so all we will get to see is darkness and two guys being pummeled by rocks being thrown from “off camera” ???

    Sounds more likes an episode of JACKASS. Maybe they can get Johnny Knoxville to ‘rassel a Bigfoot – in the dark.

  2. ShefZ28 responds:

    Johnny Knoxville could probably find it a lot faster.

  3. bill green responds:

    hey craig interesting new update article about tom biscardi bigfoot reality tv show. thanks bill

  4. Mnynames responds:

    Don’t forget to bring pancakes!

    Seriously though, I think I may have gained an insight into Biscardi’s mindset here. I’m in Oklahoma, and can verify that there was extreme weather at that time, so he’s not making that part up. But it seems to me that he may be a fantasist, interpreting things and events around him in a more fantastic way- severe thunderstorms become a tornado, perhaps a fall of rocks or dirt from a mudbank or steep slope becomes rocks hurled by hidden Bigfoot, and so on.

    My take? Those storms were impressive enough without having to make up anything worse. And with all the lightning, they certainly COULD have captured something on film- this supposed tornado if nothing else!

  5. silvereagle responds:

    Here is what David Holley says on EB’s sight:

    The truth, but you won’t print it
    To begin with, lets get a few facts straight Erik.

    [1] The thursday night this hunt began, the Biscardi group allowed twelve members from 3 teams to get stuck on the opposite side of the lake after a severe thunderstorm came through. The storm produced high winds and heavy rains. Lightning strikes all around.

    When the storm abated enough to allow anyone to rescue these people, the boat Biscardi had borrowed had swamped. At approximately 3:30 AM John Holley and I drove to John’s in-laws home and got our boat. We drove to Lamar Point and put in. I stayed on the shore with the Biscardi teams while John ferried them back to Biscardi’s destroyed campsite.

    [2] We did have an encounter with a young, female creature. We did have rocks thrown at us after she escaped, but the truth is this; and this is not what Biscardi told.

    At approximately 10:00 PM John David, myself and three more TBG team members were asked to go to Lamar Point and work our way westward towards the Biscardi team at Clay’s Bluff. Through the woods and shorelines it takes about 3-4 hours to walk, and that’s in good weather. We trudged through the same sort of weather as we’d had the night before.

    Two hours into our walk, we hear over a piece of **** radio that we’d been given that Biscardi and his team were pulling out. TBG members who were with the Biscardi group asked about the Lamar Point team and were told that Tom had to get these people to a motel because THEY were cold, wet and tired. What he was asked did he think our team was. To make a long story short, and for the record I’ll be happy to tell you the whole damn story via a phone call, but I will not put my home number up here; we were abandoned by Biscardi for a while. His “team” completely abandoned us. The only support we had was the TBG team still waiting for us at Clay’s Bluff.

    After about another 30-45 minute hike we heard what sounded like a baby crying in the brush. We searched the tree line and found a young, female Sasquatch squatting and watching us. She did not appear dangerous, we could still hear the baby’s crying from farther in the forest.

    I lowered my weapon and our team began to walk towards the creature. The team member carring the light became distracted and the creature rose and bolted.

    I did try to contact Biscardi and was surprised when he answered. I told him we had a female cornered and his response to Kevin Crombie [a TBG member] was “Is he jerking my chain?”

    No, he had made the statement for months that he wanted a live capture, he asked us to drive the creatures towards him, and then when we had accomplished his goal, there was no capture team at Clay’s Bluff [no SFB,Inc team at all] and he questions one of our members as to whether or not we’re jerking his chain.

    [3] After the female escaped us, we decided to continue to hike towards Clay’s bluff, and the creatures began throwing soft ball size rocks at us in their attempt to drive us away. When we were near the end of the hike both John and I barely managed to avoid being hit in the head by one of these rocks, and John shouted at the creatures to stop throwing the rocks. They did.

    We emerged from the brush to find Brandon Smith and Michael Ashley [two TBG members waiting for us. They was no Searching for Bigfoot team coming into the brush to rescue us. They weren’t there. Only Biscardi and javaBob who were waiting at their truck.

    Erik, I thought you knew me much better than this. We could have killed the creature. That’s a cold, hard fact. However, we also know we wouldn’t have gotten out unscathed if we had harmed it. Besides, the mandate for this hunt had been a “live” capture. This wasn’t a TBG hunt, and we were trying to do what we could to support Biscardi. Just as we have stated for a long time we would do for other researchers and groups.

    You believe what you want to, and you trash us all you want to. Biscardi will always put a spin on the truth to make himself and his organization look good. We are willing to take polygraph tests if it ever comes to it.

    Bill Hankins of the Paris News should have had more than Biscardi’s word as to what happened and should have driven out to our camp and talked to the people who were there on the scene. However, I doubt journalistic integrity is a phrase he’s ever heard of.

    You now have the truth, e-mail me and I’ll send you my phone number and tell you the best time to call, but at least YOU should have the balls to hear the whole story before you begin your slander.

  6. BugMO responds:

    Calling him a fantasist is an understatement.

  7. Ole Bub responds:

    As a lifelong resident of Tornado Alley…

    A lil lightning and some some hail with a gusty wind skeered those left coastie folks…

    I doubt they would catch squatch in the elements as described…they have the good sense to seek shelter…LOL

    “Pummeled with rocks and stones from all around”…if they pummeled ya with small boulders you would be gorey goo…what BS…JMHO

    live and let live…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  8. Sylense responds:

    Mr. Bub,

    Since you are so close to the action, maybe you could join up with those folks and see what’s up. Credible reports from the “inside” would be nice.

  9. rifleman responds:

    Did anyone expect anything more from this guy or his organization? He made a name for himself as a media hound and a BS artist. Anything short of bringing in a body, live or dead, will not remove him from the status a circus clown.

  10. Ole Bub responds:


    Ole bub has enough trouble with Oklahoma’s Giant Screaming Monkey Men to add Hollywood Hucksters to the equation….no thank ya.

    A major red flag from experience…real folks with real experiences don’t want publicity or media attention…they want closure or answers…JMHO

    I know the area well…its very squatchy…but I doubt those folks will do anything other than stir up already murky waters…JMHO

    live and let live…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  11. Sylense responds:

    I guess I don’t blame you there, Mr. Bub.

    I still haven’t done my homework on this Biscardi fella… I guess I really don’t care to. The thing that bothers me though is if he really is the “huckster” folks make him out to be, it would be a shame if he ends up with the most compelling evidence to date. From your comment above, it sounds like he’s in the right spot.

    One thing I can say for the guy, he sure seems to be putting his time in.

  12. Double Naught Spy responds:

    So…the local Bigfoot population didn’t have anything better to do during a “tornado” than harass a noisy gaggle of tourists? MmHmm. Being a native Kansan, I find the reported behavior of all the humanoids in this story amusing. Tornado my ass!

  13. bukko responds:

    If he was serious he’d be in the right spot. It sounds like he’s a fake. I don’t know about him except what you folk say. You all sound pretty negitive.

  14. Beachdaddy03 responds:

    Well, here we go again! Good ol Tom Biscardi. Who did not think he would have something for his listeners and this tv adventure he is on. I and many others on this cryptomundo site question many of his discoveries and methods of capture. Again we only hear stories and I have not seen the foot castings they are talking about. A elk hunter with plaster for casting seems odd to me. But this is Biscardi we are talking about. When I said others, I do not mean the writers or staff of cryptomundo.

  15. Mnynames responds:

    Well, Ole Bub did say that area was pretty “Squatchy”, I believe his term was. So, if Silvereagle’s post is true, what we have is a media festival cluelessly parading haphazardly through the woods, with a few decent, sensible folks trying to help them out as best they can and the BF’s doing their best to defend themselves.

    The BF’s throwing rocks in a thunderstorm makes a little more sense now, seeing as they clearly have young to protect, and were in one isolated area. If you had found shelter during severe weather, and then a bunch of hostile animals came trudging along to threaten you, you’d probably throw a few rocks too. Curious though that they stopped when they were told to.

    Biscardi’s response to all this seems most illuminating. I think it’s clear that he has no real intention of capturing anything but attention here. What others have said however, may indeed be true though- This bumbling fool, whose only goal is self-promotion, may indeed find himself in a position to capture the best evidence anyone has ever seen…although whether he could actually accomplish it is another matter entirely…

  16. Christina responds:

    Has anyone listened to the Darkness Radio show which Biscardi was on this past week?

    He was invited back again for this week as well.

    In last week’s show he talked about his movie.

    You can listen to the podcast of the show here.

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