July 18, 2011

Alaskan Cadborosaurus Preview Now Available

Discovery Channel have now made available a preview of the Nushagak Bay Cadborosaurus footage shot by Kelly Nash and his sons.

Alaskan Monster Hunt: Mystery Animal Expert

Johnathan and Andy meet with cryptozoologist Paul Leblond who shares his research about the creature known as Cadborosaurus.

Alaskan Monster Hunt: Sea Monster Witness

The Hillstrand’s adventure begins when an eyewitness shares stunning video evidence of a mysterious Alaskan sea monster.

In addition you can see Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand building a monster trap.

Alaskan Monster Hunt: Monster Catching Rig

The Hillstrand brothers assemble a heavy-duty fishing rig to go hunting after the Alaskan sea monster.

They also go out to Lake Iliamna and set up the trap here.

Alaskan Monster Hunt: Hunting A Lake Hideout

Johnathan and Andy’s search takes them to Alaska’s Lake Iliamna where the most sea monster sightings have been reported over the decades.

The footage that is shown is a small amount of what Kelly shot, but does not include the sequence where a cameloid head looks toward the camera. I hope they show more than this as the other footage is fascinating.

Do not judge this footage until you have seen it in its entirety. Hopefully, they will show it tomorrow night.

Canadian readers: I can’t find Alaskan Monster Hunt – as the episode is known – anywhere on the Discovery Canada listings for tomorrow or any other night. I hope they eventually show this.  We will have to rely on the generosity of our American friends to post the whole show somewhere where we can watch it.

If you watch the original trailer for this program you will see a very large creature in Lake Iliamna. It only appears for a brief moment in the trailer and so I wonder is this the giant mystery fish this lake is famous for? Also do not be confused by the way the program seems to jump around as far as location is concerned. Kelly Nash’s footage was shot at Nushagak Bay (open sea) and the Hillstrands went cryptid hunting in Lake Iliamna (enclosed body of freshwater with an outlet to Nushagak Bay via the  Kvichak River) which makes no sense. That is unless they are surmising that the Lake Iliamna cryptid swims to the sea and back or the Nushagak Bay cryptids sometimes swim to Lake Iliamna.

By the way Paul Leblond is not saying Caddy is a plesiosaur in the show, just that it bears a superficial resemblance to one. I have really enjoyed watching the footage again and can’t wait to see the whole show.

Alaskan Monster Hunt: Hillstranded premieres tomorrow night on Discovery Channel at 10 PM E

It re-airs:

July 20, 12:00 AM E

July 21, 9:00 PM E

July 21, 11:00 PM E

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