Best Bigfoot Photo Ever? Updated With Enhancements

Posted by: Loren Coleman on August 6th, 2012

Breaking News – Is this an Alberta Sasquatch image of incredible clarity?

A woman named Penny uploaded this Alberta Bigfoot photo to Facebook a few hours ago, and swears that isn’t a fake:

“I know this person. They are a dogsledder and would in no way be the type to try to fool around with fake pictures. They actually think it’s a bear and cub but for some reason they only have one photo. Strange.”

Credit Greg Newkirk and Chris S.



John V. sends in the following, showing a liquid exiting from the body, according to him:

Dave sees encoded writing in-between the “legs” or “arms”:

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53 Responses to “Best Bigfoot Photo Ever? Updated With Enhancements”

  1. planettom responds:

    Interesting! I would like to see someone outline and label what they think is the head/tail of the unknown subject/bear/sasquatch. I can’t make heads or tails of it. 🙂

  2. coelacanth1938 responds:

    Looks good. It’s not a bear, that’s for sure.

    I’m not a primate person though, I’ll leave this to you guys to figure out.

  3. PhotoExpert responds:

    Not the best Bigfoot photo ever but perhaps one of the funniest bear photos ever.

    We are definitely looking at the back end of a bear. This photo also answers the rhetorical question about the body functions of bears in the woods.

    Unless Bigfoot can urinate or defecate out of her left shoulder, then it is a bear, actually caught in the act of urinating/defecating watery stool.

    Pareidolia is taking place here for some viewing the photograph. What would be the imagined cone shaped head of a Bigfoot is actually the bear’s rump. What would be the left shoulder and arm of the perceived BF would actually be the bear’s left hind quarter and leg. The right hind quarter and right hind leg of the bear blend into the body of the bear and front legs of the bear, giving it the perception of a broad back of a Bigfoot.

    This is a good example of pareidolia except for one glaring flaw. I have never heard of any reports of Bigfoot disposing of body waste from it’s left shoulder.

    The great timing of this shot made it easily identifiable as a bear. The resolution was pretty decent for a trail camera and made it a workable photo. The back story makes sense. It was reported as a bear and a cub and I believe that what we have in the photo shows exactly that. And if you look at the surrounding flora, the scale of the scene does not show a 7 foot plus creature but one that is substantially smaller in stature.

    Good shot and a fun one because of the timing! LOL

  4. Jarid Eldridge via Facebook responds:

    probably be another fake but it looks cool.

  5. Matthew Pfeifer via Facebook responds:

    Probably fake, but look at the size and muscle of the left arm!

  6. Van Lightning via Facebook responds:

    i see fur but im having a hard time making sense of what im looking at.

  7. Justin Hamm via Facebook responds:

    It honestly looks like a bear rolling on something, with its butt in the air….

  8. Richard Schroeder via Facebook responds:

    It’s a bear with his head buried in the ground…no doubt an Obamabear! Teehee!

  9. Jack Thompson via Facebook responds:

    Dare to dream, baby!

  10. Tim Dodson via Facebook responds:

    It’s interesting, Thats for sure. Doesn’t look like a bear to me…

  11. RWRidley responds:

    I believe PhotoExpert is dead on. I’m curious where the legs are supposed to be for those that believe it’s Bigfoot. The foliage doesn’t appear to be waist high.

  12. Hapa responds:

    One of the more interesting pics I have seen in a while. Its no blobsquatch (Horraaaaay!).

    However, I think Photoexpert has a point: you can interpret this pic as a bear hiking its leg and using the john. Most likely this is a bear answering the call of nature.

    This is yet another reason why pics are never enough: Bodies or living specimens or major body parts are enough!

  13. Redrose999 responds:

    Writing on the pic might be something from the camera. As for the urinating bear theory, I don’t see it. If folks can find a pic of a peeing bear that is similar, I’d really appreciate it. This is the closest I could find.

    Honestly I’m a bit boggled by this one. I suppose it could be a bear, but the arm/leg looks like a shoulder and arm, not a leg to me. The light on the fur looks like it is natural hair…. The position of the critter is very human, and a suit could easily do it. It could be photoshopped. It’s not a Muskox, the body is all wrong even though the hair is right.

    I’m actually on the fence here, folks. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I am down right giddy there is an image that isn’t so obviously a hoax or blobsquatch that we can actually debate it!

  14. Paul V Ruggeri via Facebook responds:


  15. Fred Janssen via Facebook responds:

    Maybe a bear rolling its shoulder in something stinky like a dog does?

  16. scaryeyes responds:

    If the photographer themselves – who presumably had a better view of the creature/s than we do here – said it was a bear and cub, I really can’t see any reason to disagree.

  17. Pat Mccray via Facebook responds:

    It’s a bear.

  18. Fhqwhgads responds:

    Patty would just like you to know that *she* didn’t *need* “enhancements”.

  19. cryptokellie responds:

    I’m with “PhotoExpert” all the way on this one…
    Great photograph. It is of two bears…the nearer one is lowering it’s head to do something with the farther one. The “arm” that some are seeing is the nearer bear’s left rear leg. A mother and cub maybe? Males discussing territory?
    Again, the single image cries out that any additional images taken would define the subjects as non-cryptids.

  20. Daisy Darlington via Facebook responds:

    I think it’s a bear rolling about.

  21. Stefanje Hö via Facebook responds:

    Don’t think it’sa bear.but I don’t understand why the guy didn’t make other photos? The creature moved for sure, so where r the photos from his face? 😉

  22. todd0329 responds:

    Here’s some outlines that I believe clearly show that this is a bear and not a bigfoot….but it’s just my opinion.

  23. Tyler H responds:

    This photo was submitted to the BFRO several weeks ago. As an Alberta Investigator, I contacted both the person who submitted the photo, and also the person who took the photo.

    I can say that the photo is quite clear, and is not faked. I can also say with a fair amount of confidence that it is not a Sasquatch.

    The submitter of the photo and the owner of the photo both claimed the photo came from a game cam. Because of that, one could expect that there would be more photos of the animal as it entered and/or exited the frame.

    The owner of the photo said the camera did not capture any additional photos of this subject animal. If the camera did not have night vision, and the animal entered the frame at night and then was getting up to leave at dawn, that could be one reason there were no more photos of the subject. Another reason could be that the camera had a slow trigger speed, or was not sensitive enough, or ran out of power, etc, etc.

    The owner also asserted that the subject was “a bear sow, and cub with their heads down over a well used marking spot on the trail.” The fact that her game cam took the pic does not make her opinion more valid; but in my opinion, the fact that she was familiar with the well-used bear marking spot does. That, and the fact that it does look like a bear with its rump in the air, lead me to believe that she was right, and that it is in fact a bear. (I must admit that at first glance, I too could imagine a long muscular primate arm, instead of a leg.)

    I think this photo will be much like the Jacob’s photo – some will see bear and some will see squatch.

    Tyler Huggins, Alberta

  24. Xlowtek responds:

    I think a bear too, I outlined it makes it easier to see.

  25. gollumses responds:

    The text ends with “” I see the number three (3). If it is a bigfoot, it is facing away from us, left arm outstretched (to the left) and right knee sticking up (on the right). If it is a bear, it is facing us head in the ground, right leg stretched out (on the left), with cub nuzzling it (on the right). My feeling is that it is a bear and cub.

  26. Tyler H responds:

    RWRidley and Photo Expert.
    For those who thought they saw a squatch, I believe they assumed the squatch was not standing erect, but rather possibly sitting or squatting, or something.

  27. PhotoExpert responds:

    Hapa and RWRidley–It is definitely a female bear. There is now an enlarged photo showing the bathroom process of a female bear. That makes sense too since the bear was seen with cub, making it definite female of the species.

    The bear is positioned such that its rump is up and her head is down, directed at what is probably the cub or ball of fur you see to its right.

    Redrose999–There is now an updated photograph of the urination/defecation process taking place. You can see the watery substance coming from some orifice on the animal. At the distance this photo was taken, even having a strong grasp of anatomy, it is difficult to tell if the the liquid is coming from the urethra or anus or the animal since they would be physically close to one another. But it is definitely coming from a body orifice of the animal. Now unless BF pees through an orifice or defecates through an orifice on it’s left shoulder, we can rule out this subject being a Bigfoot. Just look at the enhanced enlargement which backs up my claim.

    If that is not enough proof, I don’t know what I could tell you to change your mind. The backstory of the bear fits perfectly. The size of the animal compared to the surrounding flora is accurate in scale for the subject to be a bear. And unless you have new evidence of BF defecating or urinating from their left shoulder, this photo enlargement seals the deal.

    Thank goodness the bear decided to relieve itself at that moment or we would still be arguing bear vs Bigfoot. In reality, some people will still claim everything is a Bigfoot, no matter what proof to the contrary they are exposed to. Kind of reminds me of a popular show. Yep, that was not a coyote, that was definitely a Squatch.

    To each his own! There is belief based on what people want to think and then there are facts, evidence and data. I believe this evidential photograph outweighs any “belief” that one may have.

    Case closed!

  28. Richard888 responds:

    I like PhotoExpert’s analysis and agree that the surrounding flora makes the animal look small. But how would the perceived bent leg of Bigfoot, to the right, be accounted for? As a second animal, perhaps a cub? Because a single bear would have to be as flexible as a caterpillar in order to be able to twist itself like that.

    A way to test PhotoExpert’s hypothesis is to enhance the original picture and look for a demarcation between the perceived bear’s rear right let and the rest of its body. If a boundary exists it would definitely become evident. In fact, given the lighting, one wonders why it is not more clear if the animal is a bear.

    As for fluid evacuating the animal, that is not clear at all from the picture. One would have to tell that this was happening before considering it.

    Conclusion: It looks more like a gorilla than a bear. But because bears are discovered and more common it feels more reasonable to explain as bear. But the bear explanation has several problems. These problems will or will not be resolved after picture enhancement and analysis.

  29. John Kirk responds:

    Reminiscent of the Jacobs photos from a few years ago. Come on people why do you want bears to be sasquatches? Let ursus be ursus.

  30. manticora responds:

    Déjà-vu?! Looks like the Jacobs-Bears again! 🙂

  31. alan borky responds:

    Loren I don’t know what that is but it sure stretches my own particular credulity it’s a bear’s arse!

    Below’re three shots of bears’ posteriors which make me even more incredulous because based on these it’s not just the arse or the fur or the musculature but the length of limb for a supposedly stumpy limbed bear seems all wrong.

    No matter which angle we’re supposed to view it from this/these ‘bear’/’bears’ has/have to have the longest limbs with the longest lengthed scruffiest ‘bear’ fur in the history of bear kind.

    And maybe that’s the answer.

    Maybe if Sasquatch’s something primitive we’re descended from then this’s some sort of prehistoric ur-bear from a time when they were much bigger and more primitive.

    Either that or it’s a Sasquatch playing with a bear cub.

  32. Redrose999 responds:

    The outlines helped a lot! I see it now, thank you!

  33. wbp responds:

    Bear or Bigfoot? Who knows. If it is a bear, it is among the most anatomically challenged specimens ever. The limb on the left (Bigfoot arm or bear leg, depending upon the interpretation) seems far more consistent with a primate arm musculature than a bear leg–the deltoid, triceps, and lower arm muscles are clearly visible, as is the latissimus on the torso. Note also the elbow pad (if it’s an arm).
    I find the urination/defecation hypothesis quite unconvincing; that string of bluish objects to the left of the subject look much more like a string of the blue flowers that are in great abundance throughout the photograph (in the close up shot, the two to the far left seem to have conspicuous stalks). A similar such string of flowers can be seen running along the base of the aspen tree above the subject.
    However, it could definitely be a bear. But, the limb on the left appears way too long for the leg of a bear. It has an obvious contusion at the knee (which, as I say above, could be accounted an elbow if it’s an arm) that projects outward from the surface of the limb: if the bear’s facing the camera, the contusion is on the outside of the knee, and if it’s facing backside to the camera, it protrudes from where there would normally be a hollow at the back of the knee. Also, if it’s a bear, it would appear to have an enormous hump on its back.
    But it’s inconclusive, fascinating a it is…

  34. William responds:

    I am amazed anyone thought this was anything other than a bear bending down with its cub when viewing the addtional photos. Granted the initial photo at first looked promising but easily seen with the extra photos showing the urination. Proves that photos can be misleading, much like the one on Finding Bigfoot in Tennesee (I believe) where the guy’s trail cam photographed a black bird flying at close range which looked somewhat like a large hairy primate sitting at first glance!

  35. Hbloodbath responds:

    the text says they put a water mark on all the photos they post or are sent to them

  36. jan09 responds:

    Looks like “Bigfoot” is trying to recreate the Skookum cast.

  37. karlshuker responds:

    When I saw this alleged bigfoot pic, I straight away thought that it looked rather like a gorilla with its back to the camera and with one arm stretched out. Googling gorilla images, I then found the following one, in which, apart from facing the camera (rather than having its back to it), the gorilla is in an extremely similar pose to the creature in the alleged bigfoot pic. Check out the gorilla pic here and see what you think:

    Also, obviously gorillas are not native to Alberta, but there is nothing in the photograph that provides conclusive evidence by itself as to the location pictured in it, which would be needed for independent scientific verifiability.

  38. Richard888 responds:

    I am not convinced with the bear hypothesis. The interpretation does not have to be either bear or Bigfoot. It could be other forms of wildlife such as two wolverines, for example. The size would be right.

  39. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    It’s definitely the butt end of a bear. It could be a mother playing with a cub which is in the front. Unless bigfoot have tails (which by all accounts they lack), this is no bigfoot.

  40. red_pill_junkie responds:

    The ‘bare’ necessities… of excretion 😛

  41. cryptokellie responds:

    What a minute…I did I just read here that “bears have stumpy legs”? Please go Google a brown bear’s skeleton and look at those long legs. Don’t let the fur and connective tissue fool you, bears have long, powerful legs and can out run any man – anywhere. Top speed up to 35 mph which means they are as fast as most horses. Believe me, I want Bigfoot to be proven to exist as much as anyone but, come-on folks, this photo shows two bears, in thier shorter summer coats.

  42. cryptokellie responds:

    Excuse me…I should have written “their summer coats”. I have some minor dyslexia issues when spelling.

  43. Matt Stewart via Facebook responds:

    I would like to see the other pictures taken…you did take more then one?

  44. biglou responds:

    my biggest problem with this photo is just that it’s only the one photo if it was a criptid why are there not different angles and different shots of it, I know I would burn up a roll of film or with digital at least waste a battery on the one thing that could help prove the existence of the so elusive Bigfoot. It looks to be a bear and it’s cub, it is funny how your brain will show what you want to see, somebody say’s Bigfoot and next thing your doing is going along with the insanity.

  45. mandors responds:

    If it isn’t a fake, then why are there not 15 or 20 more pictures? The figure doesn’t appear to be in any position to take off suddenly, so why not keep shooting?

    Probably because it takes too much effort to shop several pictures to make them look like a real series of shots.

  46. Whitney Johnson via Facebook responds:

    I think its a great picture!! They may have taken more than one and this just may be the best one but i’m sure the big guy didn’t give them opportunity to capture his face since they always get as far away from us as they can!!Thats why we always see only foot and ass!!LOL!!What does it mean that there is decoding found in the picture? Please someone tell me!! Seriously!!!!

  47. Tyler H responds:

    Read the comments before posting.
    All questions asked have been answered.
    It’s a bear, by MANY indisputable parameters.
    See my posts and photo experts

    I conversed with the owner of the game cam.

  48. PhotoExpert responds:

    Richard888–Yes, that would be a good test of my hypothesis. It has been tested by me and others. Guess what? There is a distinct line of demarcation in the photo. Not even an issue.

    So, I guess according to your own test of my hypothesis, my hypothesis is proven correct, even by your own standards of proof? Or if you do not want to take the evidence at face value or even consider my opinion, there are numerous other opinions that you can choose from. that this is definitely a momma bear with it’s cub. Richard, it is OK to be wrong every once in while. But wolverine? Oh my!

    Tyler H–I just wanted to give a quick nod of approval on your posts here in this thread. Excellent job!!! And I think you are correct, those that see a BF, see it the way you described they perceived it. Pareidolia is such an interesting psychological topic. I also think you did an excellent job of investigating the photo further. You know what Tyler? Even after you presented all the facts, along with the photo evidence of it not being a BF, and your common sense approach, some here will still say it is a BF. They have selective memory or selective hearing. Even if all the evidence says it is a bear with a cub, some will still say BF or wolverine. LOL

    Tyler, I really like the way you review evidence and connect it with the photographic evidence. I was actually going to finish what I started and you beat me to it. Anytime you want to work together on analysis of a photo, let me know!

    cryptokellie–You made several awesome points in this thread. You are correct when you talked about their summer fur and their legs. Many people assume bears have short stumpy legs, but as you pointed out, not true! Excellent points that many do not consider when evaluating the evidence at hand.

    wbp– I am not quite sure what you are looking at. Did you see the enhanced photo? We are not talking about the bluish flowers. We are talking about the liquid stream coming from the orifice on the animal. I don’t know what you are looking at. Perhaps you have a small screen and can not see it clearly. But look again, and the stream becomes evident. Most people see it, so I did not see the need to highlight it in color marker. Please look again.

  49. blazmeister responds:

    Each person should be their own judge and ignore the rantings by people who see this as an open and shut case of a bear doing gymnastics that would have put him on the Olympic team. Especially since there are multiple special interest groups in the U.S. who pay persons a monthly stipend to discredit all evidence. I know because I was approached to join that group of mole sabateurs, by a high profile Portland area researcher who does exactly that, discredit all evidence while producing nothing to prove their existence. The same posters here appear to again seeking to discredit a pretty compelling photograph, in tag team gang like fashion. One of the less clever tactics of at least one of those mole groups is to get someone on the inside who gains some level of respect, and then see how many high profile names he or she can take out with one clean swath. Aka a “sleeper cell”. Just think about what happened with the so called blood bath and coverup at bluff creek. Receiving less publicity was a similar sleeper cell incident surrounding the skookum cast. Discrediting the jacobs photo was likely also the work of these groups. Frauds are everywhere. Here, it’s deja vu all over again, as they say. Photographs do not prove a thing. They are just fun to have a good look at something that does not want to be either seen or photographed. End of story.

  50. PhotoExpert responds:

    blazmeister–You sound like a conspiracy theorist. So if people see a bear in this photograph, and they don’t agree with you, then they must be moles of some “sleeper cell”? LOL Really? According to your conspiracy theory, there must be a majority of sleeper cell moles at Cryptomundo because the majority of rational posters here see a bear. Not to mention that the original photographer of that photo saw bears. And not to also mention that Tyler H followed up on this photo and it was found to be a bear in that photograph.

    Yes, I guess all BF’s urinate or deficate out of their left arm. I guess conspiracy theorists throw out all credible evidence, all credible analysis, all interviews of the witnesses that were actually there. I guess they throw out all rational evidence that goes against their “beliefs” which they call theory.

    Conspiracy theorists like you get it wrong all the time. The Jacobs photo did discredit to itself. Unfortunately, I was not involved with any discredit to that photo. The photo did that to itself. Reports with that photo show bear cubs in the frames prior to that photo being taken. But if you include those photos with the Jacobs photo, everyone will know it is a bear with cubs. So those photos taken seconds prior to the Jacobs photo are excluded. For conspiracy theorists to be correct, they must exclude truth, facts, and evidence. The Jacobs photo brings discredit to itself.

    But you go ahead and keep excluding the facts so that every bear you see is a BF. Yep, that is the way to do it. Everybody else is wrong and you are right. Hey, you might even be able to get on the show “Finding BF” where everything they hear and see is a “Squatch”.

    And actually blazmeister, you are incorrect. Photographs do prove some things and disprove others. They are legal proof in courts of law across our great nation. Good photographs prove things. Bad photographs, faked photographs, and blobsquatches prove nothing. I have lost count of the number of erroneous statements you have made in your post. For me, your statements are a bit kooky. Not to say that you are a bit crazy or a whack job. I am not saying that. I am saying, that when you make blanket and bizarre statements of “sleeper cells”, well, you need to explain that and back it up with facts and names. Otherwise, it does sound crazy.

    I am not sure where I lost you or lost count on your erroneous statements, but I think it was around where you mentioned the bloody Bluff Creek incident. Your statement was rather confusing. Are you saying a massacre DID or DID NOT happenat Bluff Creek? I’d like to know your opinion on that. Your answer might be a litmus test to whether you need professional therapy or not.

    Good luck with your BF conspiracy theories! And when the salmon run in Alaska, you can get some great bear photos, I mean, BF photos to share with your conspiracy theorist friends. You know, you stated photographs prove nothing. LOL

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