Bigfoot Trackers’ RV Burns; Closes I-4

Posted by: Loren Coleman on February 17th, 2012

The Georgia Bigfoot Trackers have shown up again. Their vehicle, on February 17th, burned out of control in Florida and due to being alerted to that incident, we see they have posted recent videos (below).

A fire that engulfed a recreational vehicle along Interstate 4 Thursday evening led to the closure of the eastbound lanes of the highway.

Officials with the Florida Highway Patrol said the highway was closed at Mile Marker No. 108.

The RV was in the right lane and shoulder of the road. The highway was closed for about an hour, and traffic was backed up for about 10 miles.

Volusia County Fire Services Battalion Chief Chris Sievert said the occupants of the RV — three adults, two children and a dog — all escaped uninjured.

The driver of the RV told fire officials that thick smoke started coming from under the hood as they were driving, so they stopped and got out. The State Fire Marshal’s Office was called because the driver couldn’t identify any mechanical issues with the RV.

Sievert said the RV was trailed to a sport utility vehicle with the logo for the website , which advertises appearances on Animal Planet, CNN and other networks.

The driver told the fire department that he and his family were on a 36-state tour looking for Bigfoot.

Fire officials said the RV was a total loss, but the SUV had only minor heat damage as it was separated immediately from the flaming vehicle.

[See video at source.]

WESH Source

Not sure why this newspaper mentioned these guys being on Animal Planet. Has the Florida media source confused the BFRO’s Finding Bigfoot crew with the Bigfoot Trackers’ YouTube videos?

Thanks for the heads up from B. Green.

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15 Responses to “Bigfoot Trackers’ RV Burns; Closes I-4”

  1. Hunter Ellis via Facebook responds:

    This is what happened last night to the “person” (refraining from a derogatory term) who has been planning on trying to kill a non-human bipedal primate (aka Sasquatch). I recently wrote him an e-mail with hopes of reevaluating his values. It is as if karma exists.

  2. bigfoots responds:

    This guy is so full of ****…its comical….

  3. Nny responds:

    Well, there’s something about this I like.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s the unabashed ‘We hoaxed it,’ followed by ‘But we really did have a body and I don’t care if you believe me,’ followed by ‘Because Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones showed up and took it. When that happens you know you’re doing something right.’

    I don’t know. Maybe I just like how blatantly they are appealing to the absolute lowest common denominator.

    I also like how all the money they would make from their (presumably canceled) cross country bigfoot hunt was going to be donated to cancer research. Better that money than the money you made from a hoax, right? Whatever. For some reason I believe that as much I believe the Finding Bigfoot people would spend their TV show money on outfitting the chapters of the BFRO across the country with some kind of standard of gear.

    I don’t believe a word these guys say, but I bet they could tell some great stories, and I do feel bad that their RV got burned down, but I also feel that could be a bit of a karmic godsmack.

    Anyway, I wish them luck in all their future hoaxerrrrr endeavors.

  4. Desertdweller responds:

    I hope they had insurance on the RV.

  5. Fred123 responds:

    These bigfoot stories used to be interesting, whether you believed that bigfoot might possibly exist (as I once did) or not (as do now). They’re rapidly becoming little more than a bunch of bad jokes. There are just too many people out there who will do anything to get a little attention, and as I’ve probably said here before, the question that almost all bigfoot books ask, “Can all of these cases be the result of hoaxers, nuts and cases of misidentification?” has been answered with a resounding “Yes”, even if cases of misidentification weren’t taken in to account. Even if there are thousands of bigfoot reports, the tens of thousands of attention seekers in a country with a population of over three hundred million can easily account for all of them, though I’m sure that there are plenty of cases of misidentification to go along with them. I remember walking through some woods in Jasper National Park thinkung to myself “This looks like someplace I might see a bigfoot” as I rounded a bend in the trail and was jolted back to reality by a grizzly bear munching on something about twenty yards in front of me. Had that bear been fifty yards away and standing on it’s hind legs, I might have conviced myself that I was a bigfoot witness too.

  6. scottyboy10 responds:

    These two idiots are pure scum!! They are going out there with the sole intention of murdering a Bigfoot!! They are not interested in the conservation of this animal /animals, the bottom line is all they can see are dollar signs!!

    We do not know yet what this animal is, a relic giant ape? Gigantopithecus or ancestor of that? human? part ape part human? Or indeed as in some reports, a surviving species of human…Neanderthal, Homo erectus or indeed as I believe all of the above, I believe all over the world, including North America, Canada and Alaska, right down to California and beyond!!!

    These two clowns cannot be trusted in any way, shape or form.

    I can live with the hoax; it does not bother me, a little cheeky I think, but this has happened before in many shapes and forms and will certainly continue to do so.

    What bothers me is the fact that they want and need to kill them; they have been around for thousands of years, surviving alongside us, indeed on many occasions according to folklore, legend and truth, lived and interacted with us. There are even instances of so called wars between us and them and on the odd occasion interbreeding.

    In the end these two numpties know that they are intelligent beings of some kind and that, in my mind gives them no reason whatsoever to kill one, if they do then its tantamount to murder, even premeditated murder, as they have planned to do this before hand and all along.

    I urge anybody within this fine community of ours to give these two no help, information or direction of any kind.

    I understand in a way that until a body is obtained or found that some say there is no proof, but to those of us in the know and a hell of a lot of scientists that will not want to come forward, even thousands of normal, everyday people know for certain that they exist.

    We would all love to know for sure, but that would just open the flood gates for thousands of people with good or bad intention to go and look for them. In my mind it would be great to know they are there beyond speculation, but as i said before,those in the know, just like us etc already know. They should be left alone to just carry on existing, like they have done for thousands of years, and of course it would be great for us to be able for us to leave them at arms length and observe and study them!!!

    The bottom line is I urge all of us with good intention not to give these two murdering fools the time of day and indeed, if they turn up in a town like yours, run them out of it as soon as they drive in, they wouldn’t last two minutes if they turned up in mine!!!

    On a final note I am chuffed to bits that the “Mystery Machine” blew up. It’s karma and a bit of poetic justice!!!

  7. graybear responds:

    I feel it necessary to defend here, a little. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and I can tell you without fear of contradiction that these two clowns (being as gracious as I can) are NOT representative of the caliber of people you generally find in Atlanta.

    And, frankly, I hope the RV wasn’t insured. Anything to make life a little harder for these two would be a welcome happenstance.

  8. bigfoots responds:

    And to anyone worried about this knuckle-head hurting bigfoot. I would rest easy…

    He doesn’t know the first thing about bigfoot and has a better chance of being struck by lighting than even seeing one, let alone killing one..

  9. scottyboy10 responds:

    Agreed totally!!!! I’m from England, my friends family live in Atlanta, he went out there last year and came back saying it was mint and had the time of his life, the people he said could not be nicer and do more for him, next time he flies over I may tag along as well lol. True though, these idiots deserve everything they get and give the likes of us and every normal person interested in this subject a bad name. Crackpots the lot of them!!! Keep flying the flag for Atlanta my friend!!!

  10. flame821 responds:

    Can you say Schadenfreude.

  11. champ_is_real responds:

    For the heck of it I am going to play devil’s advocate here. What I am about to post is not my personal beliefs. I just want to see how many actually read people posts all the way through and how much of a rise I can get out of some people… :p


    I am curious as to why these guys are getting under people’s skin so badly? So they want to kill a Bigfoot. Big deal.

    Lets just entertain the thought that they do actually find a Bigfoot and kill it. Now Bigfoot is proven to be not a hoax and real. The dead Bigfoot could then be studied and then placed in Loren Coleman’s museum up in Maine. Thousands flock to the museum just to see a Bigfoot. The Bigfoot killers will get their fame and reward.

    It is so bad to have had killed one specimen for the proof and study in the name of Science? It’s not like you’re killing a whole herd or population. It’s just one. With all the sightings yearly. I am sure one dead Bigfoot would not kill off the entire population of Bigfoot. I assume Bigfoot dies naturally like people do too.

    Obviously waiting around to find a dead subject isn’t going to work. It hasn’t for over 40 years now. They must bury their dead.

    Also keep in mind animals are killed in laboratories yearly in the name of research. From accounts of sightings they appear to be ape like. So they are animals not humans.

    Maybe it’s the presentation on how and why they want to kill a Bigfoot that is getting people all hot and bothered? Either way it doesn’t appear these guys are going away anytime soon or at least until they kill a Bigfoot.

    Flame away. 😉


    On to my personal thoughts on this.

    Personally I am on the fence when it comes to Bigfoot. I never seen one so I can’t say they exist. Although my mind is open to the possibility of them existing. These Bigfoot hunters/killers don’t bother me. They seem harmless and are just seeking attention. It’s obviously working. Shame about their RV. I am glad nobody was hurt. I do want to say for the record. I do not support them in any way.

  12. flame821 responds:

    @champ is real

    I think a lot of the anger directed towards them comes from their part in the hoax and the rest just from their attitude. They come across as arrogant and repugnant with little to redeem them in the eyes of many in the Crypto fields.

    As for killing a Bigfoot – I understand the usefulness of a body, I really and truly do and if there is no choice in the matter, or if a body happens to be found, good onya. However to go out with the sole purpose of killing an animal for no other reason than fame or money is, to my mind, a horrible thing. If you hunt to eat, fine. If you hunt to keep your family or livestock safe, I’d suggest some traps and decent security as a front line defense but you have to do what you have to do when your safety and welfare is at stake.

    These two aren’t like that. They seem to take pleasure in the thought of harming animals for no good reason. They enjoy making others respond to them (positive or negative attention, they don’t seem to care) To me going out specifically looking to kill a Bigfoot is on par with going out specifically to kill a gorilla. True there ‘may’ be quite a few of them out there, but we don’t know how large a population there is, what their reproduction rate is, are they bottlenecked to the point that every member unable to reproduce lessens the gene pool to a noticeable extent?

    40 years ago I would have agreed that a body would be the only proof positive that science would accept. That isn’t the case today. I think it would be much more productive to watch them first (a la Diane Fossey) and learn about their habits and culture. To find out where they fall between the Ape – Human spectrum. Are they solitary or trooping? Do they reproduce at will or is there a breeding season? What sort of infant mortality are we looking at? Adult mortality? Do they bury their dead? So many questions that a lifeless body cannot answer.

  13. graybear responds:

    A lot of the anger aimed at the Georgia Twins is because of their offensive, in-your-face attitude; they have large chips on their shoulders and are literally asking to have it knocked off. There is an instinctual response to this kind of behavior and it is to knock that chip off, possibly along with the head that’s just close by. They are trying to get people riled up and have apparently done this before because they are pretty good at it.
    The rest of the anger, I think, comes from the idea that these goons are out to deliberately hunt down and kill a sasquatch. Squatch people tend to be to protective of the little dears and this threat gets under their collars. Most of the Squatch community, it seems to me, have an idea that killing any of the great apes is pretty close to murder (counting myself in on that one) and, since we don’t know just how intelligent the Squatch are (but they seem to be more clever than any of the other great apes, except us) then the idea that killing a Squatch is an act of murder is even stronger. It’s at least as bad as some neighbor telling you to your face that one day when you are gone to work that he’s going to kill your beloved dog, just for the hell of it. There’s really nothing you can do, except keep the dog inside all the time which probably isn’t good for the dog or for you. With the Squatch there is no possibility of protecting them from the hunters, so that feeling of helplessness turns to anger.
    So let that RV burn.

  14. choppedlow responds:

    Well, good luck to these guys. Seriously. I hope a 10 footer steps out behind a tree and gives them the finger. Even sits on a log so they can get a good shot. But honestly, do any of you think these yay-hoo’s are out hunting a bigfoot? If you do think they are “Hunting Bigfoot”, then shame on you for giving them any benefit of the doubt. YOU are then the problem, not them. They are doing it for two reasons that are obvious. One, what a great way to get exposure. Bad exposure is still exposure. It’s a foot in the door to something else, and you have to give them credit for “chasing the dream”. I will bet you anything that these guys do not believe they are real. It’s a ploy that worked a few years back and they are out to try it again. And you guys obviously didn’t learn that they are full of it the first time.

    Second reason, to piss you guys off. Every time you guys say “Oh no!!! Don’t go hurting a bigfoot! What have they done to you? They are loving creatures and we don’t need a body!”, they laugh themselves silly. It’s the equivalent to me telling my 13 yr old niece that I am going to hunt vampires and kill one of the annoying ones from the Twilight movies. My niece would cry and get upset that her beloved vampires from those lame movies would die, and I would get a chuckle. SAME THING!!!! You guys play into them EVERY TIME!!!!! These tards go do some legit hunting and stoke the flames by putting some goofy bifgoot decals on their truck, and then they laugh themselves till they pee their pants. I bet if someone did some searching, they would find that these guys are getting legal hunting tags for every place they are going, and writing them off as part of their “business plan” (FBFBF has a 5 part business plan as well). Two birds, one stone. I would also check if any of them where convicted of a felony for their part in the hoax, in witch they can’t even be around a firearm. The one person who emailed them to ask if they would “reevaluate their values” (whatever that means) probably made their week!! I always love to see an arsehole’s anything catch on fire, but you guys can not take these guys serious in any way. You fell for the hoax before, and now you are falling for this one. Again, THEY ARE NOT HUNTING BIGFOOT NOR DO THEY BELIEVE ONE EXISTS!!!! So for the love of all things sasquatch, STOP giving these guys reason to keep up the scam!

  15. paul_r responds:

    The only thing these two nit wits plan to murder is the truth people. That’s all they have ever done and why they are still getting any attention is beyond me.

    If someone was going to kill a bigfoot then it would have been accomplished. Call it elusiveness or non existence which ever you prefer but bigfoot can protect itself quite well and smarter than anyone from Georgia!(including Newt Gingrich)

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