Adam Davies Rushed To Hospital

Posted by: Loren Coleman on October 5th, 2009

Adam Davies in Sumatra, during a previous Orang Pendek expedition, 2001.

Highland Tiger passes this breaking news along, from the CFZ, about the leader of the recent Orang Pendek expedition back from Indonesia:

“We have just had a brief telephone call from Adam Davies who is seriously ill in hospital with an unknown condition.

It is suspected that this may be a tropical disease of unknown origin that he picked up whist on the recent trip to Sumatra, so he is in an isolation ward with nothing but his mobile `phone for company.

We will let you know what happens as soon as we know ourselves.”

Same goes here. I am making attempts to reach him, although, of course, international barriers exist.

Adam Davies in Mongolia, during an Almas expedition, 2007.

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17 Responses to “Adam Davies Rushed To Hospital”

  1. Fhqwhgads responds:

    God bless him! There are some nasty bugs out there!

  2. cryptidsrus responds:

    I wish Adam a speedy recovery.

    I truly hope this doesn’t go beyond “gravely ill.”

    That’s all the “field” needs right now. A dedicated cryptozoologist like Davies succumbing.

    You know, this kind of gets me thinking about the supposed “curse” that has been written about attending to people who witness “paranormal events.”

    This year I remember Chris Davis in South Carolina. Plus many other who’ve died over the years not too long after their sightings.

    Just think it is a spooky “coincidence” that Davies fell ill after heading an expedition that apparently sighted the Orang Pendek. 🙁

  3. dobher-chu responds:

    god im sorry to hear that , i wish him nothing but the best.

  4. Spinach Village responds:

    Whoah.. I hope he makes it through it soundly, and in good shape. 🙂

  5. dwindell responds:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Mr. Davies, my prayers are with you.

  6. Dj Plasmic Nebula responds:

    🙁 So all these deaths and ill cryptozoologist happen a lot?

    I’m glad he’s alive. I didn’t realize it could be an unknown illness he picked up in Sumatra. I’m now guessing that’s what happened to others, for they picked up some kind of disease that’s unknown and fatal.

  7. airforce47 responds:

    I really wish him the best and to get over his illness soon. I spent a year in the tropics in 1969-1970 and I saw more weird diseases than I can name. It’s a medical specialty unto itself. Prayers for Davies all and a safe return home. My best.

  8. sluggo responds:

    I sincerely hope things are okay.

  9. Jack Lee responds:

    Prayers going up for Mr. Davies. Best wishes for a total recovery.

  10. Dan Gannon responds:

    Cryptid hominids could very easily be carriers of one or more diseases, to which we have little or no acquired immunity. (See what happened to Native Americans, when Europeans arrived, carrying diseases that were new to the Americas.) This is actually one of the recuring themes, especially among traditional cultures, who have long reported the existence of cryptid hominids. The Mayas, for example, report that those who come into close proximity with the Alux hominids, are very likely to become seriously ill, in the coming days. I haven’t reported the details of the illness I experienced, online, previously, but I had a similar experience, after my sighting. After a few days, I became weak, feverish, very pale, and nauseous, with recurring vomiting.

    I spent a lot of time in bed, used high doses of natural anti-viral herbal extracts, and got mostly better after about four days. Interestingly, the Maya descendents who were around me, two of whom were present when the sighting occurred, did not appear to suffer from any such symptoms. Maybe whatever it was I had contracted, was something they had already acquired an immunity/resistance to. I don’t know what it was, that I had contracted. I’m glad I wasn’t among the casualties. I may not be so lucky, next time, but I’m not deterred from my search.

  11. Dan Gannon responds:

    I clicked “Submit” too soon.

    Best wishes to Adam, for a speedy and complete recovery!

  12. Dj Plasmic Nebula responds:

    These unknown illnesses may the reason why so many witnesses of these amazing unknown and cryptid animals are not heard of, cause people keep dying when they enter their habitat for long periods of time.

  13. Dr. Strings responds:

    Godspeed, hope Adam gets well and out of the hospital sooner than soon.

  14. John Kirk responds:

    Adam is a fantastic human being and a true gentleman. His contributions to cryptozoology have been fantastic. He’s a real investigator and I want to wish him the absolute speediest of recoveries.

    My thoughts and prayers and those of all the membership of the BCSCC go out to Adam, his family, friends and cryptozoological comrades.

    Get well soon. We need you back in action mate!!!!

  15. korollocke responds:

    hazard of travel, hope he recovers soon.

  16. Ceroill responds:

    I hope he recovers and gets better soon.

  17. Fhqwhgads responds:

    I’m eager for an update as soon as new information comes!

    Dan Gannon brings up an interesting point, but one that works both ways. Could human-born diseases be killing off cryptids? Could a population of sasquatch have been decimated by the arrival of European explorers?

    It would be a sad irony if we did confirm the existence of the alux, only to wipe them out with the flu.

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