March 29, 2006

Ely Footage Is Back

It’s back.

The "forgotten footage" of the Ely Sasquatch has returned.

Perhaps this is only important for viewing for those that didn’t see it’s brief appearance before?

Maybe this “news” is only significant for Bigfoot historians interested in documenting the exact ups and downs of this story?

Whatever the reason, Cryptomundo wants to alert you to the news, and you do with it what you wish.

It is intriguing to figure out what is going on here, because it is certainly unclear who is putting this video up again. Did someone take a capture-copy of the recently removed video and upload it, or did Richard Sade put it up again?

Since this one is labeled "Sasquatch Hoax," this time around, it probably is not Sade. But this is clearly the extra footage that Richard Sade said he found before, still in his camera.

The individual who has placed this one online says: "There is another video floating around that is claiming to be real. Here is the rest of the footage."

Then the poster critiques the Bigfoot’s running in sexist terms I won’t repeat in this blog. Yes, I’ve discussed cryptid hairy primate sexuality in Bigfoot!, but sexism is something very human and not helpful in critiquing the run of this person in a suit or snow-clumsy Sasquatch. More about bias some other time when we aren’t merely discussing Sasquatch, in general, or at least on tape.

You can view this newly returned "forgotten footage" of the "Ely Sasquatch" here.

For other recent links to the videotape appearance and reappearances, see "Ely Video Is Back", and the four links within the posting here. The first posting has the most important details about where this was supposed to be taken, and that can be found at "Ely Sasquatch Video." Needless to say, the most enlightening statements about the Ely videotape are contained in the body of over 100 comments from the Cryptomundo readers. They are, simply put, insightful, illustrative, and entertaining.

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