June 6, 2011

Moneymaker Speaks Out About Finding Bigfoot: “Swamp Ape”

Matt Moneymaker has passed along this as his comment to the posting about the new episode of Finding Bigfoot.  I (Loren Coleman) am posting it below, unedited, as usual, out-of-fairness to Matt:

As usual, we didn’t hoax anything. There was some creative editing involved which we didn’t know about until last night. It was almost as frustrating for me to watch it as was to be there at the time, resisting all their attempts for us to outright fake everything. The witnesses were legit, and at least the knocks heard at the Bridges property where legit. They did get a good recording of that. They were unprepared to record the other sounds around the property though … and again they didn’t really care because they knew it would simply be easier to insert “simulations” later.

We never told the producers that sasquatches sleep in alligators dens either. They must have heard someone mention that as a possibility and they thought it sounded colorful. The whole notion of it is bogus and stupid. Again, it’s not our call. They are keeping all that kinda stuff secret from us before the show airs.

The producers do not see integrity as their mission. They see entertainment as their mission, and they figure that folks like you people are less than 1% of the audience … so they really don’t care if you feel like you’ve been manipulated and deceived. Moreover, they don’t seem to care if the cast members feel manipulated and deceived either. They figure all we be forgiven if the show gets high ratings. Well, it won’t be.

There’s all sorts of things they did that I don’t like. You folks don’t even know the half of it. If you want to read more I’ll be posting things on the BFRO’s Blue Forum. Cliff will write up his version, but he wasn’t present for some of the action, and vice versa. We were split up into separate teams.

Craig W. will pass along what Cliff posts, and he has my permission to pass along what we say on the Blue Forum.

I gotta say this here: I read some VO lines (transitional explanations) which used the words “overwhelming evidence” at some point … I was reading those out loud the first time I saw the copy, to hear how all the lines sounded to my own ears, before even reading it through quietly the first time. After hearing myself say the “overwhelming evidence” line I stopped and said we can’t use that line because it’s simply not “overwhelming evidence”. I told them to re-record the line with me saying “a collection of evidence”. They recorded it my way and I told them to use that version instead, and not the version of me saying “overwhelming evidence”. But what did they do???

All I can say is that a whole lot of things are going to change before we shoot more episodes with them.Matt Moneymaker

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