August 19, 2008

Hoax Aftermath: Radio Hosts Issue Statements

No one gets out alive. The Doors

A statement from Billy Willard of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia, regarding Steve Kulls’s radio show announcement, declaring the Whitton-Dyer-Biscardi Bigfoot “body” is a hoax, was received at 1:33 PM Eastern, Tuesday, August 19, 2008:

First off, I would like to say that things said last night of Squatchdetective Radio are NOT the opinions of Billy Willard or Sasquatch Watch of Virginia.  It is plain and simple – Mr. Biscardi and the two GA boys were all involved in a hoax!  I will not let it stand.  I was caught unaware of the things that were going to be discussed last night on the show and was left silent and shocked just like everyone else.  I’m here to tell you now; I will no longer be silent on this.

Tonight at 7:30 pm eastern on Squatchdetective Radio, I will be meeting Steve Kulls at his layover at an airport.  We will run a show where Steve can speak openly and freely about the many things he knows.  Just so everyone understands (and please don’t think I’m trying to make any excuses for what Steve said) he is in a location in Muncie, Indiana where the fake body was being kept.  He did not know where he was, had no transportation and was surrounded by the members of Searching for Bigfoot.  He is now safely on his way to the airport to head home and he will have a 2 hour layover where I will be meeting up with him for the show tonight.

We, as Bigfoot field researchers, have to end these ridiculous claims, and as much as I hate to take my focus away from Bigfoot research, it looks as if I will need to for just a short time.  I could need help.  A lot of folks here have been in this field a lot longer than I have.  That organization has hurt this field of research in the eyes of science and critics abroad, and it needs to come to a stop.

If anyone has any suggestions or would like to contact me for any reason, please feel free to do so.  But as it stands, I will not let this stand.  I’m on a mission. ~ Billy Willard

Moments before the above, at 1:24 PM Eastern, Tuesday, August 19, 2008, the following statement was received for exclusive release via Cryptomundo, from Steve Kulls, host of Squatchdetective Radio:

At this time I am breaking any association or cooperation with Tom Biscardi and his company.

Last night on the show my overall intent was to either confirm or deny whether this was a hoax or not. I realize now a grievous error on my behalf of not delaying the show where I could be candid with the audience. My intent was merely to update people and certainly not make excuses for Tom Biscardi.

For that I sincerely apologize. Now I am back without external pressures to temper what I am about to say.

Since Biscardi’s first day of travel to Georgia the information he was relaying to people, were half truths or outright deceptions.

I have many details, but at this time I am limited for time. I never answered Kathy Strain last night, because she spoke the truth in representing that he indeed stated he saw the body. He also stated such things to me as, “Tomorrow we’re taking the measurements.” Oh..and ” I was right there when they took the DNA sample.”

People ask me if he was complicit in this hoax. I honestly believe he was not, otherwise he would not have asked his crew to support a cover story to make it disappear. However that is a debate for scholars and a rested mind, which obviously I have not.

I would not stand for such. And stood firm. So Biscardi was forced to expose it.

There will be more to come I assure you. Again my sincerest apologies. I made a mistake by not taking it further last night to reveal these facts.

Biscardi sent me a email forwarded dated August 10, 2008 from Curt Nelson allegedly stating that the DNA was similar in size to human/ape.

If there is evidence that this email was altered in anyway which I am now just learning may be a possibilty, I need the evidence.

~ Steve Kulls

An editorial moment:

Truth is, the closer you get to Tom Biscardi, the more you will begin to wonder if you are going slightly insane.  For those in the psychiatric fields and forensic sciences, you certainly know what this indicates.  I need not say anymore.

I believe in you

I can show you that I can see right through

All your empty lies, I won’t last long

In this world so wrong

Say goodbye,

As we dance with the devil tonight

Don’t you dare look at him in the eye

As we dance with the devil tonight ~

~ Dance With The Devil

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