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Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 16th, 2010

The continued attention to the new Knobby reports is all the buzz of the local news stations in North Carolina. For example, here’s a recent report:

Timothy Peeler called 911 on June 5, 2010, saying a man-like beast was loose on his property. He said the creature was “upwards of 10 feet tall” and screeched and grunted his way along.

Peeler saw enough to say the Bigfoot-like individual had dark hair and a gray beard that extended all the way down his belly. He says he “rough talked” the creature with “beautiful hair” and ran him off.

Officers arrived at the property around 3:00 a.m., but after finding no one went ahead and filed a suspicious person report, according to the Post Chronicle.

Below are some items from 1979, the time of the last series of sightings:

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8 Responses to “Knobby Video”

  1. Ulysses responds:

    What an exciting time to be alive! In days past we would read of such things and sigh and lament but now we have up to the minute coverage that rivals the World Cup( thanks Loren) ! Some of us may even be so lucky as to participate in a monster hunt too! I remember when this happen a few years ago here in Miami when the Skunk Ape was spotted a few times. I went running to the swamps of Big Cypress for a look, hiked 22 miles and found nothing but did meet David Sheally( Skunk Ape Museum Curator and enthusiast) and had a good time. To all you amateur Monster Hunters, ” To Arms” ( not literally) , see what is really going on but be safe and respectful of all life and whatever you see, let us know!

  2. Mahalo X responds:

    Here in Oregon our large hairy cryptids don’t have such “beautiful hair”, and we NEVER speak roughly to them! LOL : )

  3. jdl82 responds:

    That man is adorable. It’s as though he’s only four or five years-old. He seems so very sincere. I don’t think he’s lying.

  4. jimbo responds:

    Interesting case, I especially like how he reports it was going after his dogs as has been reported in the past. What’s behind this sasquatch-canine conflict?

  5. jtmkryptos responds:

    personally, im sick of jerk reporters and news persons making fun of anything they don’t understand or know about.

  6. markbird1 responds:

    I also feel bad for the guy also for the way he was picked on. I think it was also very interesting that he stated it had 6 fingers on each hand… Doesnt fall very far from the lengends of hairy 6 fingered giants from past times.

  7. cor2879 responds:

    Hello all. Haven’t dropped by Cryptomundo in quite a while but I wanted to comment on this since I live very close to Casar and use to pass by it every day when I worked in Shelby, NC for a few months back in 2009. It’s a really small town way out in the woods off a back road highway — prime bigfoot country if there is such a thing in NC. The people out that way also have a reputation of being a bit… off. No offense meant to anyone, just saying that people talk and that’s what they say about Casar.

  8. terry the censor responds:

    I hate to say this, because it might come off as an ad hominem attack, but I’ve listened to Peeler’s two 911 calls and his later interview and, frankly, talking to the police he seems to be in an altered state of mind. Talking to the TV station, he has a story to tell, and he does a pretty good job; he doesn’t slur or stop or make points at random as he does in the police calls.

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