February 26, 2012

Oregon Bigfoot Trackway: 122 Prints {Updated}

Updated: Guy Edwards has more info, with links to updates from Thom and Cliff. See here.

Bigfoot track find by Toby Johnson.

Okay, Bigfoot field folks are all excited by the recent find of 122 tracks that might be of a Sasquatch in London, Oregon. Rightfully so, as long trackways are rare. Just in case you missed it on one of the Sharon sites (i.e. Hill and Lee) or where they got it from being either Toby’s, Thom’s, Cliff’s or Guy’s blogs, here’s a brief overview to ponder over the weekend. I’ll share it with you Cryptomundians for completeness.

Apparently 122 prints of a Bigfoot were found by Toby Johnson, south of Eugene, Oregon, at London. They were first discovered on February 12, 2012 (and they may have been left on the 11th).

Guy’s timeline of the discovery is shared here:

(SUN Feb 12th) Max is a retired man who once worked in the auto industry and now spends his retirement restoring cars, he happened to be looking for cars in the London, Oregon when he is approached by a man walking his dog.
(SUN Feb 12th) The man walking his dog mentions to Max there are three Bigfoot prints near the tree line. Max checks it out and is surprised to see the three good tracks
(MON Feb 13th) Max can’t sleep, has to go back to site to take pictures.
(TUE Feb 14th) Max remembers Toby Johnson’s Sasquatch-mobile, it had been decorated with large Bigfoot stickers resembling footprints. He had also recalled reading an newspaper article of the first Oregon Sasquatch Symposium Toby had held in 2010 at Lane Community College in Eugene. The Sasquatch-mobile is now owned by Toby’s ex-wife, sans stickers, but Max, the car aficionado that he is, recognizes the vehicle non-the-less. So when Max went to share the Bigfoot prints he contacted Toby’s ex-wife first. Max gives his contact info to Toby’s Ex
(TUE Feb 14th) Toby calls Max and Max sends the pics of the three prints via phone.
(WED Feb 14th 8:00pm ~ THURS Feb 15th 7:00am) Toby goes to the site with his friend, an avid hunter and a local. Since Toby’s friend wishes to remain anonymous, we will call him Tracker. Both Toby and Tracker see the original three and few others that were not photographed, these other tracks were in heavy vegetation.
(THURS Feb 15th afternoon) Toby goes home and Tracker goes home. Toby tries to return to site later in afternoon, due to obligations he can not stay long, as he leaves Tracker returns. Tracker is with his daughter’s boyfriend, and continues to follow the tracks on his own time. Tracker follows the tracks out of the vegetation into a clay-like substrate and realizes there are at least a hundred prints. He calls Toby.
(THURS Feb 15th 3pm-ish) Toby calls Cliff Barackman, co-host of Finding Bigfoot and a self-described “track/cast-nerd”. Cliff drives 2 hours to investigate the scene.
(FRI Feb 16th 6pm) I am able to get a ride with Thom Powell, we meet Beth Heikkenin and Toby Johnson and see the tracks ourselves.
(SAT Feb 17th 6am) Our original count was around 118 sequential prints. Cliff Barackman was able to count 122, we will confirm if his count are the sequential set or total prints in the area. We made two set of measurements recording step length stride length.

The path of the trackway has also been detailed:

Thom Powell took the photo of two of the track casts from this trackway.

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