August 6, 2006

Rumor: Bigfoot Shot At Pine Ridge

Did some kill a Bigfoot in the land of the Lakota?

One of the reasons I don’t like forums is that their unnamed sources serve as excellent avenues for people to start rumors and not take any responsibility for them. Nevertheless, even though the early reaction to the one I am going to mention is unprintable here, I’ll pass along this breaking story coming out of the Pine Ridge Reservation just in case it might indicate something (different) has occurred there.

At the uniquely-named Godlike Productions forum tonight, someone only identified as “ac10 User ID: 100409” wrote in on August 5, 2006, with this rumor, below (without any corrections):

I just talked to my sister in law who’s on the Pine Ridge Reservation. She said that last Tuesday night supposedly someone shot and killed a bigfoot near the Slim Buttes area. THis is basically insider gossip, as there is no way to verify it. But, she said that several medicine men including Wilmer Mesteth, Oliver Red Cloud and Tom(?) Janis were called over there by the police to the site, and they smudged the body with burning sage and cedar, and said prayers. (The lakota see the bigfoot as a sort of spirit being, and are scared of it.) Anyway, then it was wrapped up and taken to the lab at the School of Mines in Rapid City. All kind of hush hush, but this is the inside gossip. I have no way to verify it, but my sister in law has never lied to me. She said she doesn’t know if it’s true as she hasn’t spoken to anyone who actually saw it. But I just thought you would be interested to hear the rumors.

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is located at 501 East Saint Joseph Street, Rapid City, South Dakota. I will be contacting them tomorrow (no one seems to be around tonight) to ask them if they have a Bigfoot they are examining. If the names of the Medicine Men are real, they will be contacted too. If anyone knows anything more about this rumor or why it is being floated around, please make contact.

(For those that did not know, I am part Eastern Band Cherokee and I will take great care with the First Nations’ elements of this developing story, which might not be fully appreciated by some. See here for info on the smudging ceremony.)

Past recent accounts from the Oglala Nation’s South Dakota location – first documented at Cryptomundo – have involved a road report, police sightings, a Bigfoot peering into houses, and other encounters at Pine Ridge.

Carter Family Drawing

The rumors of captures and killings, thusfar, have not resulted any concrete scientific evidence of Bigfoot. Click image for an enlargement.

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