May 15, 2011

White Bigfoot Sighted, Well, Yesterday!

For people that say that “no one is seeing Bigfoot anymore,” here’s breaking news of a new sighting. My job is to report news, here at Cryptomundo, and the latest is just in from the PNW. The following was picked up from a public site, Facebook, but probably not seen by most readers here, thus I’ll share it. It is posted not to derail anyone’s investigations, but to undermine the thought that Bigfoot sightings are old history, never happen in real time, and don’t involve actual people with names, instead of some friend of a friend rumor or news account of a year or ten years ago. Sightings happen all the time.

Thomas Terry (“Tom”) Graham, Medford, of State of Jefferson Sasquatch Research, who is a member of Team Bigfootology, has reported that on May 14, 2011, on a hillside four miles from O’Brien, Oregon, that he and his research companion encountered a seven (7) foot tall white Sasquatch. The hairy hominoid saw them and bolted up a steep incline. Graham gave out about four calls and it called back as it went into the local trees and forest. Further investigations are ongoing at the site.

A white Sasquatch costume does exist, but who would that fool?

Despite the almost mythical notion that the Abominable Snowmen or Yetis of the Himalayan region are white, thanks to the movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, most sightings of hairy hominoids around the world are of black, brown, and reddish colored creatures. I have often dealt with this evolution of the popular misconception of the color of Yeti, from reddish brown to white (see here). Nevertheless, folks still make the mistake, thinking all Yetis are white. Indeed, it is the Bigfoot/Sasquatch in North America that have infrequently been reported to be white or piebald, mostly a few times in the East (e.g. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, etc.), and only very rarely in the Pacific Northwest.

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