September 3, 2006

Yarwen: Captured in Maine

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I get all kinds of emails. Some are threatening. Some are intriguing. Some are confusing. Because an “offer” in a new email has been withdrawn due to the fact I wanted more details, plus, humm, a photograph, as well as to know the real identity of the person writing me, I will share the following correspondence.

This melodrama may be someone’s fiction or next week’s media event, so read it in that context. The person who wrote got upset with my caution, my checking for credibility, and my probing questions. The individual then said he was going to put “it” up on eBay. He also told me I was out of any money I was going to “make” off this captured creature. So be it. I feel fully released to share this all with you, the readers of Cryptomundo. If this is the proof we all have hoped for of a Bigfoot, I guess I missed my chance to drive to New Jersey to take a peek.

Here’s the email (with lack of capitalizations and spelling intact), dated Saturday, September 2, 2006:

This is Not A Hoax

i was camping deep in the north woods of maine this week. at dawn on friday i went down to the river to wash up. what i saw across the river on the other bank astonished me. to my shock and amazement i saw a yarwen with it’s cub eating from some type of berry tree. it couldn’t see me and as luck would have it my camp was downwind from their position. i went back to my tent to retrieve my rifle and when i returned amazingly the creatures were still there.

to make a long story short i slew the adult and managed to capture the cub alive. i labored all day to bury the carcass of the adult so that no one could claim it. it was about 8.5 feet tall, with orange-brownish hair, and extremely heavy. the cub is 3.5 tall and weighs exactly 121.5 lbs. it is extremely docile. i cannot tell what sex it is.

i have this cub at an undisclosed location. it seems to only eat plant matter because i left carrots, blueberries, apples and steak(cooked and raw) in its cage and in the morning only the steak remained, untouched. i am aware of the million dollar reward for the capture of one of these creatures but that is not enough money for me. i want to retain you as my representative as i wish to remain anonymous.

i want $100,000 for photos which you can come and take. i contacted you first since i visit your site frequently but if i do not hear from you soon i will find someone else to handle this. together we can make history and get rich. i want you to list the creature on ebay with an opening bid of $10,000,000. i will give you 10% of whatever we eventually get, and you will have the honor of breaking the story.

please do not write about this on your website until you come to nj and see this thing for yourself. if i see any mention of it prematurely the deal is OFF. please note “dominick perez” is not my real name.

Of course, I am not in the habit of jumping in my old station wagon and driving to New Jersey, based upon an email like this. I needed more proof, more facts, more reality about who is emailing me. Hey, on some level, I’m more interested in proving these things exist when there is no greed attached, scientifically. Of course, I don’t blindly go off on wild goose chases to take pictures. Despite this emailer’s claim, it could be a hoax, of course.

When I hear about all the money someone thinks they deserve for their evidence, red flags go up for me. (There are several red flags, needless to say, about this tale.) Me as an agent? This person doesn’t know me well at all.

Furthermore, I sure don’t have any money to purchase photos, either, and won’t even if I had the funds. Nevertheless, I help people all the time, make contacts, but only after I’ve been given assurances that what is coming my way is a serious inquiry and not trickery. In this case, I tried to ask for more details about this alleged “Yarwen” capture. All I was told was…

to answer your last question, i drove the thing all the way home in the back of my truck handcuffed to the roll bar.

Later, after a flurry of Sunday emails in which I tried to calmly talk to this person, I received this:

i’ll tell you what… look on ebay in about a week and you will see a live video. i will give the exclusive story to one of your competitors. i would think you would be excited to be given the honor of publishing the first real photos of a yarwen ever and breaking the story. i will show nothing until i am paid for it. if you want to see the body go look for it. watch for the ebay listing.

And finally:

like i mentioned earlier, check ebay periodically and you will have all the photo evidence you need. this ends my communications with you.

Of course, if this person has a live young Bigfoot in New Jersey taken from Maine, probably the wildlife officials in Maine want to know more about this animal as a ward of their state, for starters.

I’m not sure what a “Yarwen” is, but then, via googling I see it is a name used in Dungeons and Dragons. Maybe there is a clue in that fact. Or maybe this guy is trying to write Yeren?

Who knows? Does this mean we all have to watch eBay for the next incredible hominology discovery that will shake the ranks of anthropology to its foundations? We’ll see.


Information Update

The “General Hunting Season” for Bear in the State of Maine is from August 28, 2006 through November 25, 2006. You are allowed “one bear” per season, with a license.
Sunday Hunting is illegal in Maine. Bear permit required (resident $28; nonresident, $68; plus agent fee) in addition to hunting license between Aug. 28 through Oct. 27. See law booklet for other recent changes. Maine has more bears than any other state in the lower 48.


See, for further discussion, “What is a Yarwen?” .

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