May 17, 2011

Bigfoot Shot or Killed Every 4 Years?

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Some bigfooters feel the only way (or at least the best way) to prove Bigfoot is real is a dead body. Many skeptics think so too, which leads to the often asked question, “Why hasn’t anybody killed or shot Bigfoot?!”

Lo and behold, Robert Lindsey with his same-named blog answers that very question. His finding? There have been at least 30 incidents totaling up top 32 shootings/killings in the last 125 years. The list sites sources like, Ray Crowe, Grover Krantz, and Peter Byrne.

For you long-time fans, you know Bigfoot Lunch Club does not condone the shooting or killing of Bigfoot. We have covered those that claim they have proof of Bigfoot shootings. We have also covered interviews of those that would kill Bigfoot. As for us? Although unlikely, we would prefer Bigfoot to let us swab his inner cheek with a Q-Tip and pluck a few rooted hairs–oh and a video would be nice.

Check out a list of all 30 incidents of Bigfoot shootings/killings and other Bigfoot News at Bigfoot Lunch Club!

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