October 2, 2013

John Kirk on Sasquatch DNA Press Conference

When I saw this footage last night, things leapt out at me without even having to use the analytical parts of my brain.

The first thing I noticed was the very human length of the arms in the bits and pieces of murky footage they adduced as evidence. They are far shorter than those of the sasquatch in the Patterson-Gimlin film and the descriptions by many witness of long arms that hang down.

Just about all the clips show something with sloping shoulders which again flies in the face of the descriptions by witnesses and the PG film creature. It would also seem that the footage shows creatures with some sort of neck which is contrary to the absence of necks in sasquatches remarked upon by those who have had encounters.

The gait of the persons in the Erickson footage shows that they walk like people especially the one shot with night vision from the back. There is none of the knees-bent gait of Patty and her ilk.

What is most galling is that they would use a piece of footage with a Wookie costume that they previously stated would be the best ever piece of close-up footage of a sasquatch. I find this absolutely incredible and did they think that sasquatch researchers and the general public would accept this at face value? To introduce footage of a fictional character with clear partial canid facial features into the mix of an animal that is oft-described as a hominid (as Ketchum herself insists) – maybe pongid – species is so utterly preposterous that I cannot believe they seriously thought that the creature in the footage was a real sasquatch.

I recall Bill Munns talking about this several months ago and again I must completely agree with him that this closely resembles a wookie and not a sasquatch. If you look carefully in the footage the wookie head turns and looks at the camera by using its NECK. When Patty turns to look at Patterson and Gimlin she has to turn her entire shoulder structure as her head is so deeply set on her shoulders that she is unable to turn it very far. Another tell-tale sign that this footage does not appear to be what it claims to be.

In future when we look back to this debacle in the history of sasquatchery, we will remember that our cause was shunted backwards by a group of people who presented less than acceptable material as evidence and made the world wonder about the people who participate in sasquatch research and investigation.

In the wake of this debacle, we need to get back out in the field and obtain evidence that is definitive and clear. It has to be verifiable scientifically and by neutrals that have no connection whatsoever to those submitting the evidence. Nothing less will do.

Now, as others have said here, I await the unveiling of Bryan Sykes’ results and come what may positive or negative, I would welcome them as they would either assist our cause or send us back out to see if it is possible to obtain tangible evidence.


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