December 26, 2012

Sierra Kills Bigfoot “Steak” DNA Results

Bigfoot Lunch Club

“Bigfoot DNA” tested and is determined to be Bear/Human

Over a month ago (11.24.2012) Dr. Melba Ketchum claimed in a press release that she had completed a 5-year Bigfoot DNA study.  It was news that reached mainstream media. Although the press release acknowledges that the DNA research was conducted upon over a 100 of samples, there is one sample that was the most controversial and most talked about. It was a sample from Justin Smeja who claimed he had killed two Bigfoot, known as the “sierra kills” or “bigfoot steak” sample. For many the story of killing Bigfoot was anecdotal at best and the DNA results were anxiously anticipated.

Independently a few Bigfooters took the same samples to Canada’s most respected forensic DNA labs at Trent University. The samples came back with two DNA results; a female black bear and human (from the person who had handled it).

This sample could be considered a centerpiece to Melba Ketchums study, and as recently as last Sunday on Coast to Coast AM, Ketchum announced that she believed that Justin Smeja was telling the truth. The question is, did she also come up with the same results? You can read the questions we are asking next as well as the lab report at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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