June 13, 2014

The Partridge Creek Monster – A Living Dinosaur in the Yukon?

The Arctic wastelands of the Yukon Territory, on the borders of Canada and Alaska, are surely the last place anyone might expect to meet a dinosaur – which is why the following case merits a prominent place among the dubitanda of cryptozoology. The extraordinary tale of the beast from Partridge Creek debuted on 15 April 1908, within the pages of a French journal called Je Sais Tout (‘I Know All’), and was recounted by one of the creature’s eyewitnesses, French traveller Georges Dupuy. According to Dupuy, the adventure had begun one day in 1903, when a banker from San Francisco called James Lewis Buttler and a local gold prospector named Tom Leemore were hunting three large moose amid the marshy tundra countryside near the Yukon’s Clear Creek, about 100 miles east of Dawson City. Suddenly, they came upon the tracks of an enormous, monstrous beast, and after tracking it they eventually discovered the true horror of what had made them.

Partridge Creek Monster, Je Sais Tout, 15 April 1908, 1

Black in colour, at least 50 ft long, and estimated to weigh about 40 tons, their horrific visitor seemed mercifully unaware of its terrified human eyewitnesses’ close proximity. When it was about 200 paces away, it paused for 10 minutes or so, furnishing them with ample opportunity to observe it at close range in all its spine-chilling glory. Although profusely splattered with thick mud, its hide could be seen to bear many coarse, grey-black bristles like those of a wild boar, and a hideous mass of blood and saliva oozed from its cavernous jaws. Most remarkable of all, however, was the rhino-like horn perched prominently if somewhat incongruously near the end of its snout.

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