August 3, 2012

Nessie Caught On Camera?

Does this photo show one of the legendary Nessies of Loch Ness, Scotland?

The photographer, 60-year-old George Edwards – who snapped the shot in November of last year – certainly thinks so. As he notes: “It was slowly moving up the loch towards Urquhart Castle and it was a dark grey colour. It was quite a fair way from the boat, probably about half a mile away but it’s difficult to tell in water.”

Any thoughts?

PS: You may wonder why I have not posted the picture here. Well, I have seen so many people get into hassle with just recklessly using copyrighted images that I only ever use my own pics, those that are copyright-free/copyright-expired, or where I have written permission.

You may think that’s being overly cautious, but it’s not. I know of some real horror stories along these lines, and I’m actually thinking of doing a blog-post on all this soon. Something like: Foolin’ with someone else’s Fortean photos.

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