June 13, 2013

The “Floating Island” of Loch Ness

Water Horses Loch Ness

Glasgow Boy (a.k.a. Roland Watson) has a new Nessie-themed post online, which begins as follows:

“Take a look at some ancient maps of Scotland and you may notice a strange phrase inscribed beside Loch Lomond which goes something like this: ‘Loch Lomond famous for its floating island its fish without fins and being frequently tempestuous in a calm.’ Thus did cartographer Hermann Moll annotate his 1712 map of the Scottish county of Dunbartonshire. Cryptozoologists have speculated on whether these phrases refer to a strange creature residing in Loch Lomond or have a more mundane explanation. In my book, ‘The Water Horses of Loch Ness’, I go into further detail which suggests there is a more natural explanation for the floating islands of Loch Lomond. But what of the floating island of Loch Ness which on examination looks like a stranger proposition?”

What indeed? Read on!

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