The Creature From Black Lake

Posted by: Dave Coleman on October 27th, 2012

When Charles Pierce wouldn’t sell the distributor Howco his epic THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK (Pierce told me he was offered $1 million for all rights prior to his self-releasing the film and grossing over $20 million via four-walling), the southern drive-in king owner of Howco, Joy Houck Sr., produced his own version instead: THE CREATURE FROM BLACK LAKE. Though profitable, it was no TLOBC.

Dave Coleman About Dave Coleman
Author of THE BIGFOOT FILMOGRAPHY, a new non-fiction reference guide and critique of Cine du Sasquatch. From McFarland in Fall 2011. Hardbound. Oversized.

6 Responses to “The Creature From Black Lake”

  1. JohnAdams responds:

    I love the Creature From Black Lake….great movie poster too.

  2. Bigfoot pilots my U.F.O. via Facebook responds:

    One of my favs growing up as a kid, sister took me to the theater to see it,soooo scary.

  3. Hambone responds:

    I have it on dvd along with Boggy Creek and Sasquatch. Pure classic.

  4. Doug responds:

    Just a plain fun and scary movie. First saw it on the Sunday Afternoon Movie from one of the local independent stations in Memphis before cable hit the area. The monster’s hand coming out of the water and grabbing the fellows head and jerking him under was the classic scene from the movie. Picked up the DVD a few years ago.

  5. Spikerama responds:

    I actually watched it about two weeks ago.

    The guy playing the guitar in the movie wrote the movie and is the singer of the song at the end.

  6. zpf responds:

    Excellent! Never saw this before. Thanks for posting it.

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