December 22, 2016

The Monster-Reptile of Chatham Island

F.W. Kemp was an officer with the British Columbia, Canada, Provincial Archives. Along with his wife and son, Kemp had an extraordinary encounter midway through the 1930s. It was an encounter with something that can only be classified as a monster. Indeed, Kemp’s very own words make that abundantly clear. So impressed was he by the encounter, Kemp contacted the media. His account reads as follows:

“On August 10, 1932, I was with my wife and son on Chatham Island in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. My wife called my attention to a mysterious something coming through the channel between Strong Tide Island and Chatham Island. Imagine my astonishment on observing a huge creature with head out of the water traveling about four miles per hour against the tide. Even at that speed a considerable wash was thrown on the rocks, which gave me the impression that it was more reptile than serpent to make so much displacement.

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