February 8, 2013

Search for the Yeti Infographic Timeline

Bigfoot Lunch Club

A small sampling of one of the greatest infographics ever

At OutsideOnline.com they have created one of the most fantastic visual timelines of the Himalayan Yeti’s history. It is much too huge to show here at BLC, but after this second sample below you can go directly to this beautiful piece of art. The infographic is by Anne Rhodes and the research was done by Noah Aldonas.

Then when you get to the infographic it is a vertical scrolling timeline breaking down the history of the Himalayas’ most famous monster, from ancient legends to Russia’s yeti museum.

It has a great punctuation at the end that provides all possible explanations of Yeti sightings–including the possibility of a real Yeti!

What are the possible explanations for a Yeti–we like the middle one on the bottom row.

Go to OutdoorOnline.com to see the infographic titled The Search For The Yeti

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