March 22, 2006

Cryptozoology Action Figures

Bigfoot and Mothman and Nessie, oh my! Do you have any? Huh, huh, do ya? What’s in your collection?

There have been some pretty cool cryptozoology action figures over the years.

The Mezco Cryptozoology series were anticipated for quite some time before being eventually released. Supposedly, they were delayed due to negotiations over the licensing of a videogame that was to feature their likeness. I don’t know if the videogame was ever released or not. The figures, when finally released, were much smaller than they were originally touted to be. The figures were released in 2003 and are now out of production.

Mezco Bigfoot

I have the Bigfoot figure. But the Jersey Devil…

Mezco Jersey Devil

and the Mothman were both pretty lame, in my opinion, and I never purchased those two.

Mezco Mothman

The Loch Ness Monster figure was never released, as far as I know.

Mezco Loch Ness Monster

The Accoutrements Bigfoot action figure is pretty cool. It has footprint stamps and a stamp pad so you can create your own Bigfoot tracks. It is available through their retail outlet, Archie McPhee.

Accoutrements Bigfoot

The coolest Cryptozoology action figures that "never were", were to come from Nevermore Creations. Maybe that was a premonition of things to come, or not, as the case turned out to be.

The line was called the "Legendary Monsters".

Legendary Monsters

Click image for full-size image

Legendary Monsters Artwork

The concept artwork was cool.

Legendary Monsters Mothman

Series 1 consisted of MoMo, the Missouri Monster.

Legendary Monsters MoMo

The Chupacabra, sorry Loren.

Legendary Monsters Chupacabra

The Jersey Devil.

Legendary Monsters Jersey Devil

And the Mothman.

Legendary Monsters Mothman

These figures were to be released Fall of 2001, but were beset with delay after delay and eventually were scrapped. I received several of the catalogs for the figures from the president of the company, R. Todd Broadwater, but shortly after that their website went down, his email address was no good and the phone was disconnected. I know that Loren was talking to him as well, and may be able to shed additional light here.

I know at one point, there was talk of a tie-in with the Mothman figure and the Sony Pictures film "The Mothman Prophecies".

Series 2 of the figures was to include the Dover Demon, the Yeti, the Flatwoods Monster and the Loveland Frogmen.

The prototypes were sculpted by toy and model sculptor Bill Mancuso. Photos of his sculpts can be seen on his website.



Cryptomundo reader MMTHPOOLGHOSTCAMPR’s comment reminds me that I own both the Shadowbox Collectible Bigfoot and Yeti. You will have to pardon my forgetfulness. All of my Bigfoot action figures are presently out on loan to the Institute of Texan Cultures in San Antonio for the Bigfoot in Texas? exhibit.

Shadowbox Bigfoot

Shadowbox Myths & Legends Bigfoot (1996)

Shadowbox Yeti

Shadowbox Myths & Legends Yeti (1997)

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