June 6, 2011

Finding Bigfoot’s Cliff Barackman on Wood Knocks and Thermal Footage

I spoke to my good friend Cliff Barackman after last night’s episode of Finding Bigfoot.

Cliff Barackman

Cryptomundians are already talking about the thermal footage featured in the “Swamp Ape” episode, so I asked Cliff some questions and he was happy to answer them.

In regards to the figure on thermal that ran off, just before it cuts, you can see it move slightly. To me it then appeared to be on four legs. Something tells me it was a deer and the producers cut it so we could’t tell. They also cut any of the cast’s discussion/analysis of the footage, as they probably concluded it was not a “squatch” as well. After all, a deer doesn’t make for an exciting conclusion on a TV show. Just my opinion.bigyeti

It was a much better episode than last week. But I do wish the footage of the critter running away had been shown. I think it was either a deer or a cow. It did take some guts for Moneymaker to go forward towards the object, but I wanted to see the thing run away rather than just take Moneymaker’s word for it.Henry May

The image they showed standing out in the field. Why didn’t they show it walking off into the trees? Makes you wonder what they really saw since it wasn’t shown. I have one question for Mr. Moneymaker. Do you plan on going back to the house where Skunk Ape has been visiting, after you’re done taping the series?MuskieSquatch

The “thermal” at the end was ridiculous also. Why didn’t he walk up with Moneymaker with the thermal? No, instead he just waits for Moneymaker to walk up to it. And then they just say it just ran off. Well let me see the thermal of “it” running off.gatorgaffney

Cliff told me the the object captured on the thermal footage was a horse. He said that it was obviously a quadruped after it turned to run off. The production company obviously chose to cut that part out for dramatic effect.

Cliff said that he did not know if the thermal footage that Bobo took before he fell off of the porch was the footage that was shown on the episode.

Before anybody starts crying foul, remember that the production company has the final say as to what to include or not to include in the final product.

Cliff also advised that he has stayed in touch with the Bridges, the couple that had the activity and handprint at their property.

They have had continued activity at their property since the filming there, and Cliff will be sharing it at his website.

Cliff Barackman home Page

He will be posting updates during the week about this episode, so stay tuned.

He also advised that he has a first generation copy of the cast that was taken from the print found at their property, and he will be featuring it at his Bigfoot Print Casts Database on his website.

screen shot of Cliff Barackman Bigfoot Print casts Database

Regarding the wood knocks that have been heard on the show, this is what Cliff had to say.

Regarding the Georgia episode, the wood knocks played on the show were the actual ones recorded. They were boosted several times as the recordings were faint, but they were the ones recorded at the scene.

Cliff also said that the team did hear wood knocks while on the overnight field outing at the Bridges’ property. He believes they heard three seperate sets of knocks.

Two were in response to the teams’ stimuli, either wood knocks or calls, one set were heard randomly, with no prompting stimulus.

He does not know whether the wood knocks heard in the episode were the actual ones recorded that night however.

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