July 14, 2011

Marble Mountain Bigfoot Video

A Cryptomundian sends an email message this morning:

New video on YouTube – definitely worth watching. I checked out the gentleman who filmed this (Google search: “campus life” youth group “jim mills”). Apparently he passed away last year, but the minister himself and the youth outing where this was supposedly filmed are not made up.

This video is not new however, it was filmed in July 2000 and was submitted to the BFRO on August 1, 2001. It was uploaded to youtube on July 6, 2011.

Here is the link to the report on the BFRO website: Eighteen campers find hut; videotape distressed bigfoot walking down mountain ridge.

This Video footage of Bigfoot was taken in June, 2001 By Jim Mills the leader of the youth group “Campus Life” on the annual Marble Mountains backpacking trip. This is the longest know video of bigfoot ever recorded. In no way was this faked or some kind of hoaxCampusLifeArchive

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