June 10, 2006

New York Bigfoot Search

Now it will be solved! Biscardi is on the track of the Bigfoot photographed in Clarence, NY by Hans Mobius. emoticon 

The Buffalo News is reporting today that Tom Biscardi and crew have shown up at Hans Mobius’ farm to find the Bigfoot that he photographed.

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Tom Biscardi

Mark Mulville/Buffalo News
Becky Sawyer, a crew member, and Tom Biscardi set up cameras on the Clarence farm of Hans Mobius, where they camped Friday night.

When professional Bigfoot hunters showed up to Hans Mobius’ Clarence farm Friday, they immediately found clues they said gave the recent sighting credibility.

I bet!

"Something very large had bedded itself for the night," said Tom Biscardi, chief executive officer of Searching for Bigfoot Inc., as he pointed to a trampled part of a thicket on the Mobius farm.

"It’s too big to be a deer, and look at the space above it," he said, gesturing to a gap in the thicket canopy.

"You think there’s room for something big to stand up there?"

Doubts about photo fail to discourage California crew

Biscardi and his crew drove directly to Clarence from Menlo Park, Calif., when they learned about the Mobius sighting.

Biscardi said he makes such travel plans only when a sighting is credible.

"What intrigued me about this case is Hans is not just a kid – he’s not a jokester," he said.

The Bigfoot investigators aren’t in it for the joke.

Imagine that? Biscardi not deterred by questionable "evidence"…Hard to believe!

Creature from Clarence

First photo in the series. Click on image for zoomed-in version.

Creature from Clarence

Second photo in the series. Click on image for zoomed-in version.

Creature from Clarence

Third photo in the series. Click on image for zoomed-in version.

Looks like Biscardi got him some groupies on this trip.

The four-person professional team also got some local help.

Natalie Nowak, 19, and Meaghan Barone, 20, are both neighbors of Mobius.

Natalie NowakMeaghan Barone

Photos from the Akron (NY ) Bugle- Natalie Nowak left, Meaghen Barone right.

The two sought out the team when they heard Bigfoot might inhabit the woods near their homes.

"We saw on the news that some Bigfoot hunters were coming into town, so we drove around looking for their van," Barone said. "It’s like a real-life "Blair Witch Project.’ "

"I tell everybody I have Bigfoot in my backyard," Nowak added.

The girls struck the jackpot, finding the motel where Tom Biscardi and his Searching for Bigfoot Inc. crew were staying.

"We tried calling them, and we ended up leaving Post-It notes on their door, and they invited us out," Nowak said.

So the girls spent their Friday night by a campfire with the team.

They camped overnight on Mobius’ farm, and even if they find nothing, it won’t crush their beliefs.

"Even if it isn’t real, it’s great to get out here and be a kid again, looking for monsters," Barone said.

Real-life Blair Witch Project indeed.

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