April 11, 2016

Return of the River Thames Monster


Mysterious Giant Creature In The River Thames

There’s been another sighting of something ‘swimming’ in the Thames

Have you ever noticed that supernatural sightings are a bit like London buses? As soon as one piece of ‘evidence’ emerges, more follows shortly after.

That has very much been the case with the sighting of the ‘Loch Ness Monster’ in the Thames this week.

On Tuesday, a video surfaced showing a dark object moving through the river near the O2 Arena.

It was shot on April 1, but that didn’t stop loads of people coming to the conclusion it was a creature that hasn’t even been found where it is supposed to live.

And now, sure enough, a second bit of footage has been posted online.

It was uploaded to YouTube yesterday by user Lea K, and bears a passing resemblance to the first video shot from an Emirates cable car as it passed overhead.


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