January 27, 2015

Speaking of Sasquatch: Sasquatch Ontario

In this 105-minute special report from Canada, we document one of the most noteworthy instances of human-sasquatch interaction to have emerged publicly in recent years. “Sasquatch Ontario” began publishing video stories on YouTube more than two years ago. Based on their unprecedented first-hand experiences, Mike Paterson and his colleague, the owner of the property at which the interactions occur on a very regular basis, have been vocal proponents of the theory that sasquatch are a type of ancient human, highly evolved, highly sentient, and keenly aware of how their path is now reconnecting with ours – potentially to everyone’s benefit.

Over the course of three days last autumn, filmmaker Christopher Munch was invited to observe and document both the phenomenological and emotional nature of the events taking place at Sasquatch Ontario.

This webcast is divided into several sections including: introductory remarks by the property owner (at 3:10); presentation of weavings and drawings made by the sasquatch (at 6:10); an extended interview with Mike Paterson (at 18:26); the filmmaker’s analysis of certain images (at 1:03:30); discussion and channeled material with principal contributor Kathleen Odom; and concluding remarks by the property owner’s father (at 1:40:35), whose presence at this site has spanned some 35 years.

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