October 26, 2010

Latest Update: Todd Standing and Sylvanic

We have further updates on the information posted yesterday here on Cryptomundo.

Looking at the Sylvanic site, the photo posted yesterday has been replaced with a youtube video.

The problem with that is people have already been able to access the photo’s properties and they do not match the story from Standing.

Just as an FYI, Standing’s picture wasn’t photo shopped… but the properties are definitely suspect as I talked to a photography buff and the camera’s properties appear to have been in place to photograph a static subject.

Also the picture properties state the picture was taken on 8/18/10 at 8:13PM.

Did a brief synopsis of Todd “Rockwell” Standing of Outstanding Productions on the last half of the radio show last night. Presented some pretty condemning evidence of his legitimacy.Steve Kulls

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