July 18, 2006

Update: New York Bigfoot Photos

Below is the size comparison photo that Tom Biscardi and company produced while they were onsite with Hans Mobius in Clarence, NY.

Mobius Size Comparison

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Looking at the inset photo, it is obvious that the angle from which that photo was taken was from a lower angle, causing the person to appear shorter than the tractor. The "Bigfoot" looks to be standing on a higher plane of elevation. If you are going to do an honest size comparison, why not take the photo from the same location, with the tractor also in the same location? I guess that was rhetorical question…

The following statement is taken from Biscardi’s website concerning the above photo. They are estimating the "creature" to be seven to eight feet tall.

I have inserted a picture of Tim McMillen , standing about two feet away from the tractor, into the picture of the “creature”. We believe the creature was also right next to the tractor at the time. Tim is 5’8” tall. As you can see, the “creature is substantially larger then Tim. From this comparison, we can estimate the height of the “creature” at between seven to eight feet tall!!!!!  

There is a slight problen with that equation though. There is someone claiming to have sold Mr. Mobius a gorilla costume.

Here is a link to a video from news station that interviewed Hans Mobius. They also found a costume store manager who claimed that he sold a gorilla costume to Mr. Mobius. 

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