March 11, 2013

You Can Help Finish “Stomping Ground,” A Bigfoot Movie

Bigfoot Lunch Club

John Bobek and Tarah DeSpain in Bigfoot Movie, “Stomping Ground”

“Everyone, regardless of how much of a skeptic you claim to be, has a little bit of love for the Squatch inside them.”–Stomping Ground Kickstarter page

Fans, you know when Hollywood wants to promote a Bigfoot movie and spread the message to the greater public, they come to Bigfoot Lunch Club and ask if we have any pull with Cryptomundo. The truth is, we cover Bigfoot movies no matter what, but it takes a special movie for us to back and endorse. Stomping Ground is exactly the type of movie we say yes to, and they need your help to polish this fine film. Watch the video below from the Stomping Ground KickStarter Page.

Stomping Grounds is looking for help to finish this labor of love financed primarily from the Director himself. The Director is Dan Riesser, a producer on E!’s The Soup.  You go to their Kickstarter Page and make a pledge.

The funding will help with the following items.

First of all, why not Bigfoot, we ask? Bigfoot is a classic movie monster and an important piece of folklore known the entire world over. Everyone, regardless of how much of a skeptic you claim to be, has a little bit of love for the Squatch inside them. Bigfoot has been making tracks in movie theaters lately too… as of right now there are at least four found footage Bigfoot tales out or coming soon. Thankfully for us, Stomping Ground is not found footage!

When deciding what sort of film to make, I (the director) knew I was aiming to make a “different sort of monster movie.” That’s when I fell in love with Bigfoot. During my research, I learned a lot about the history & mythology of Sasquatch & spoke to the experts in the Squatch hunting field. I aimed to make a film that showcases Bigfoot and Bigfoot research in a positive and realistic light. While the film does meander into “Squatchploitation” horror territory, at its heart it respects the Big Guy and wants to shed some new light on the phenomenon.

So please help a fellow fan of Bigfoot out and make a pledge at the Stomping Ground Kickstarter Page.

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