September 3, 2006

Messages From The Rez

People from South Dakota continue to write me about the July-August reports of something, some things, and more being seen by the Oglala Sioux. What are people saying about the Pine Ridge Bigfoot who live there? Here’s a sampling. I don’t have any directly-related Pine Ridge sketches to go with any of this material because no one has sent any to me. Yet.

PynkSpyder writes:

Okay, some things are not being said. I’m from this reservation, and, really, you couldn’t go 5 minutes without the topic coming up during that week.

I heard from an OST officer, who is a good friend to both my father and my uncle, that a few units were able to corner a Bigfoot like creature in Pine Ridge. His description of it was much different from that in the statement. He said it was extremely tall (between 12 and 15 feet), had hair covering its entire body, with the exception of its face which was black, and red eyes. He also said it smelled horrible…like a sewer.

During the same week, there were several reported sightings of creatures, not always the same. I remember there was one incident in Oglala, but that creature was definitely not Bigfoot–it had hooves.

Bigfoot sightings are not at all uncommon on our reservation. In Oglala alone, I know of 3 sightings just last year. Bigfoot is part of our beliefs. It’s said that whenever one appears, it’s a bad omen. It’s bringing news of a tragedy that’s going to happen, or it’s giving a warning.

Finally, I think you guys are a little confused. Tall Man and Bigfoot are not the same thing. “Tall Man” is something from old stories–bad spirits of giants, who once roamed the Earth, but became so arrogant that they challenged the thunder and lost. Bigfoot, on the other hand, is not bad. I have many family members who have seen Tall Men, and they are definitely not the same thing as Bigfoot.

Writing from Pine Ridge, ummmok says:

To all of you confused people, that have absolutely no clue to what is happening here on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I live here and there was never a bigfoot shot and taken to the School of Mines and Technology. For those of you that know absolutely nothing about our culture, there are things out there. We might not know that they are or where they came from, but we know not to mess with them. They are here for a reason when they are. This “Tall Man” that you all are talking about, he is a “SPIRIT”, something that can not be shot.

Last Month, was the first time that this “Tall Man”, was seen here on this reservation. I know for a fact that it’s a spirit because my own little brother seen it with his own eyes. When he seen it, it was 2:00 in the morning. He was sitting outside our house in my mom’s truck and he came into our house and he was so scared, he looked white. He told us that he was talking to some girls that live in the house next to ours and when he was going to get out to go in our house. One of those girls seen something lookin in their house window and one of those girls, said ‘hey’, really loud and when they said that,that thing looked right at my brother and those girls took off.

When this “TallMan” was looking at my brother he froze and could not move until it left. He told us that it went running towards the creek. He did say that it was about 12-15 feet tall. He said that it took like three steps and it was gone over the hill across from our house. My brother and the girls that live next door were not the only oncs to see this “TallMan”. There were alot more people that seen in the next few days. There was not only one “TallMan”, that was seen here on this reservation. There were nights when the cops were chasing these “TallMen” around. But they could only chase him. He was too big and too fast to be caught. Do you serioulsy think that you could catch a spirit? If you think that you can. You must be CRAZY!

If you want to come to our reservation and run around like some mad people looking for something that you are “NEVER” going to find or see. GO AHEAD! I DARE YOU! But let me tell you one thing, these “TALLMEN”, are not to be bothered or messed with. SO there is the truth to your “BIGFOOT” story. Just remember that there “NEVER” was a Bigfoot shot on this reservation. Believe me, if there was you people would think that you were the first to know, when you would be the last. Well that’s it for now!

Finally, in a message from itsrainingangeltears, the emails conveys these thoughts:

I am from the reservation and no one has killed Bigfoot. This is all just a silly rumor! As for your intentions on capturing one of these blessed beings- good luck. You have a better chance of surviving in space without oxygen.

The following drawing is from The Field Guide of Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates and is an unknown hairy hominoid seen June 1965, in Canada. Does the Pine Ridge Bigfoot look like this?

Pitt Lake Giant

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