April 21, 2012

The Texas Blue Dogs

Without doubt, when it comes to the many and varied strange – or strange-looking – creatures that inhabit the world of Cryptozoology, there are probably few that spark as much controversy and heated debate as the so-called “Texas Chupacabra” or “Blue Dog.” For some, they are definitive cryptids. For others they are simply coyotes with a bad case of mange. Others suggest both scenarios are wrong, but that something strange is, at least, afoot.

One of those who has taken a deep interest in this phenomenon is Jon Downes of the Center for Fortean Zoology (pictured, in Puerto Rico, in 2004). A couple of months ago, Jon wrote an article on this very subject – which encompassed the details of his own, on-site investigations in Texas – for Fortean Times magazine. But, if you don’t get the magazine, the good news is that you can now read Jon’s article on-line at FT’s website at this link.

As Jon notes in his feature, titled Texas Blue Dogs: “My search for the blue dogs of Texas began in November 2004, when I visited a farm in Elmendorf, just south of San Antonio, where local rancher Devin McAnally had shot a hairless, blue-skinned canid in July that year. He took photographs of it to a local convenience store where one of the customers said that it looked just like ‘the chupacabra that her grandmother had told her about when she was a girl.'”

A legend was duly born – and it’s a legend that still very much lives, and even thrives, to this day. But, as Jon’s article notes, it is the truth behind the legend that interests him.

And if the controversy surrounding the “Blue Dog”/”Texas Chupacabra” controversy fascinates you too, you may be interested to know that Jon is working on a full-length book on the matter that will chronicle his studies, on-site investigations, and interviews undertaken in the heart of the Lone Star State over the last few years.

When there’s more data on the book, I’ll let you know.

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