November 27, 2005

Australian Mystery Cat

Australian crypto researcher Mike Williams sent the link to this article regarding a case he has been investigating of a mysterious big cat that was shot last month. It was shot by a deer hunter named Kurt Engel after it was said to have charged him. He kept the tail and had it sent in for DNA testing after being put in touch with Mike. Below is a picture of the cat after Mr. Engel shot it.

Australian Big Mystery Cat

PROOF: DNA samples will show if the big cat shot in Gippsland by Mel bourne hunter Kurt Engel, who kept its tail, was a puma 

Mike sent an update this morning with a link to this article.

The DNA tests have come back showing a match for a feral cat.

Big cat researcher Mike Williams said he was stunned by the DNA result.

"It was so large I just assumed it was an exotic animal," he said.

"I was obviously wrong, but it is extraordinary that Australia has a mutated cat that can grow to the size of a leopard.

"This might explain why there are so many reports of monstrous black cats in Australia.

"It is the world’s largest feral cat."

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