July 30, 2007

Jeers to Bigfoot Fans

In handing out their Cheers and Jeers, The Columbian has handed a jeers to “Bigfoot fans.”

Jeers: Why do the Sasquatch believers keep on keeping on?

Last week, according to The Associated Press, about 45 members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization spent two days in the Uinta Mountains of Utah searching for the legendary apelike critter, emphasis on “legendary.”

They used sophisticated equipment such as parabolic microphones and night-vision goggles.

Here’s a shocker: A Forest Service District Ranger there said he was not aware of any sighting and that campers should be more worried about bears. Nevertheless, there are apparent true believers, including Scott Taylor of Tacoma, who said he saw Bigfoot in 2005 while deer hunting on the Washington coast.

Funny, that despite the occasional “sightings” and despite all the digital and cell-phone cameras everyone seems to carry these days, no one ever gets a bona fide picture or video of Sasquatch.The Columbian
Clark County, Washington

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