October 16, 2013

Bigfoot Files: Episode 1 Trailer

The official word so far as to whether the program can be viewed in the US:

Thank you for your email regarding 4oD.

4oD on Channel4.com uses geo-blocking software that detects where your computer is located when it connects to the internet.

As Channel 4 are a UK broadcaster, the programme rights we hold are limited to the UK and Ireland and we are prohibited from allowing them to be viewed elsewhere.

Even if you are from the UK or Ireland but aren’t actually in the country when you access 4oD, the licence we hold for our programmes prohibits us from allowing you to view programmes.

There are no current plans to extend the service to other countries.

We are sorry for any disappointment this might cause.

To air on British TV Channel 4 at 8:00 PM, October 20.

Yeti, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch and Almasty are just some of the names for mysterious creatures across the globe that have fascinated cryptozoologists and confounded scientists for decades.

Are they an ancient hominid, a member of the human family like Neanderthals? Are they giant apes or some other species? Or are they simply hoaxes? A leading British geneticist believes he has the tools to finally answer the riddle.

Oxford Professor of Human Genetics Bryan Sykes has assembled substantial physical evidence, which he subjects to the most sophisticated DNA tests available, as he and presenter Mark Evans hope to answer scientifically, once and for all, the mystery of Bigfoot.

Episode 1

Mark Evans travels to the Himalayas to find the real story behind the centuries-old Yeti legend.

He risks altitude sickness at Everest Base Camp, where the photograph of a footprint in the snow set off Yeti mania in 1951. He traces the legend through ancient manuscripts, holy relics and a Nazi expedition, and meets people convinced they have come face-to-face with the creature known in the west as the Abominable Snowman.

Meanwhile Professor Sykes reveals the results of his DNA tests on the Yeti hair samples he’s collected. The results are spectacular and unexpected.

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