January 19, 2007

Bigfoot Is Not Real

Joseph Friedrichs of the New West, the Voice of the Rocky Mountains, has proclaimed that “Bigfoot Is Not Real”.

He doesn’t believe in Bigfoot, and thinks that we are all just wasting our time discussing it here.

And just look at the photo he uses to illustrate this with on the New West website.

As has been discussed here on Cryptomundo in the past, the existence of Bigfoot is not something to believe in. See the following:

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Bigfoot Is Not Real

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Allow me to cut right to the chase with my stance on the existence of Sasquatch: It doesn’t.

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a complete hoax. There are no large, strange, hairy beasts roaming the woods. Well, other than myself and a few others who don’t enjoy shaving. Seriously though, there is no Bigfoot. Forget about it.

I have tried to believe in Bigfoot. I want to. But at the conclusion of all my research, and by using my brain, I now understand Bigfoot is only a myth. A money-making scheme for some. And a topic of conversation for the masses.

That is why it was painful to find out about the next round of “scientists” that will be visiting Central Oregon to hunt for the mythical creature. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has planned a four-day voyage this June into the Cascades with the intent on finding Sasquatch. The public was invited to assist the team for a mere $300 per person. Tragically, the expedition is sold out. Sorry Sasquatch fans, you’ll have to wait until next time. Of course, one can always charge into the wilderness alone to track Bigfoot.

According to the BFRO Website, up to 100 people assist the research team on each hunt. Let’s see, $300 x 100 people…. Not a bad payday for team BFRO.

The reason I speak with such confidence about the non-existence of Bigfoot is because I have been on one of these hunts. On Sept. 22, 2005, the San Francisco-based Searching For Bigfoot team took me deep into the Siskiyou Mountains to find Sasquatch. We packed in tranquilizer guns, motion-activated cameras, night-vision goggles, trip wires and a whole galaxy of GPS systems and radars.

Searching For Bigfoot came to the Southwest corner of Oregon because a truck driver claimed to have spotted Sasquatch several days before. That incident took place at 4 a.m. on a dark, windy stretch of Highway 199. News of the sighting sent the Searching For Bigfoot team into a flurry, hence their arrival less than 60 hours later.

What happened during our cold, long, wet night in the woods is very easy to sum up: nothing.

Two of the motion-activated cameras did go off. Also, some kind of high tech sound-sensing gadget as well. I wanted to explain to the crew that we were in the middle of a wilderness area chock full of deer, bear, squirrels, rodents and dozens of other animal species. Instead, I kept quiet and simply observed the madness.

We didn’t sleep that night. My hostility toward the research team grew more intense with each passing hour. Each pounding drop of rain made me grow more skeptical of what the crew said. I almost wept at one point, but opted to laugh. And in the end, we left with nothing to show but wet clothes and a bad attitude.

The myth of Bigfoot is nothing new to the Pacific Northwest. Indian tribes from centuries ago spoke of the creature, rumored to stand 10-feet tall and weight 1,000 pounds. Hunters, gatherers and hikers have all claimed to encounter, or at least find evidence of Bigfoot. Footprints nearly 2-feet in length have been found in dried mud. Images have been captured on film of unusual-looking animals stomping through the brush.

And I still don’t believe. And I never will.

So good luck this summer team BFRO and the people you have conned into traveling along. I can assure you Bigfoot will not be discovered up there. But keep your eyes open. You never know what you might find.Joseph Friedrichs

So this guy goes out with Biscardi and company for one night and he’s writing off the possibility of the existence of Bigfoot altogether? Sounds like he’s made an informed decision… emoticon Maybe he should go out with the BFRO…From what I hear, they always have Bigfoot activity activity on their expeditions. emoticon

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