October 5, 2012

Latest Update: Camper Films Sasquatch with iPhone

Filmed in an unknown location on Sept. 6th 2012. FBFB obtained the original files of the videos shot by the camper in 720p. With the addition an additional clip that shows a Sasquatch treepeeking. Clip number two looks to have been just a picture that turned into a movie. The higher resolution clips show the tendons and muscles moving under the Auburn hair. We have waited a very long time for a clear picture of a Sasquatch face. Fantastic! This replaces the woodpile thermal as the #2 video of all time behind the 1967 patterson gimlin film which shows a female Sasquatch with year round pendulous breasts. We have waited a long time for a video that is close enough and clear enough to show that Sasquatch have a hooded nose with downward facing nostrils, just like all modern humans.

FBFB has no connection with the making of this video.Jack Barnes Jeff Andersen

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