December 30, 2006

Cryptomundo in the Classroom

Cryptomundo reader brineblank used a story from Cryptomundo for a classroom exercise.

The source was the story about the "Russian Plesiosaur" that broke here on Cryptomundo last August.

He gave his students the background of the story, then showed them a brief glimpse of the rotting carcass.

Russian Plesiosaur

He then gave them a copy of the clean skull, or at least what is more than likely the skull of what the creature was.

Beluga Whale Skull

He asked them to:

1) Render the skull by using basic drawing techniques

2) Flesh out the skull of what they thought the body might look like

3) Draw a smaller version of their head with a body of what they thought the creature might look like.

Cryptomundo Classroom Art

He mostly got dinosaur type pictures (which is what the Russians believed the creature to be.)

Now there’s an interesting use of Cryptomundo.

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