May 25, 2015

Creature Feature: The Crater Lake Monster


Creature Feature Podcast: Episode 22 – “The Crater Lake Monster” (1977)

In this episode, the boys battle some technical difficulties to carry on with their exploration of “The Crater Lake Monster” (1977). Meanwhile, Dr. Grimm has a lake monster sighting of his own!

Show description: Join commentators Shawn Hunt, Paul McVay & Leslie Morris (and horror host Dr. Grimm voiced by Tom Powers), as they explore the not-so-classic monster movies of yesteryear (from the 30’s-the 70’s). Tune in every other week to get the inside scoop on films featuring vampires from outer space, werewolves disguised as Mexican wrestlers, bug-eyed aliens with a fetish for blondes, killer tree stumps, Japanese actors playing Caucasian monsters, cat-women from the moon, giant crawling eyes, green slime…even Hitler’s brain!

Researchers from the local university make an astounding discovery in an ancient cave near Crater Lake. Breaking into an unknown tunnel they find prehistoric paintings on the walls that depict humans battling a gigantic dinosaur. But weren’t dinosaurs extinct by the time man arrived on the scene? The answer isn’t long in coming. A meteor has crashed into the lake incubating an egg that lay dormant for ages. A monstrous aquatic dinosaur emerges from the depths wreaking havoc on the once-peaceful town. The researchers Dan Susan and Doc come up with a daring plan to capture the beast alive for the sake of science but they’ll have to race against time and a dedicated sheriff Steve Hanson who’s ready to blow the creature back to kingdom come.

The Crater Lake Monster is available at amazon instant video and DVD.

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