February 9, 2017

Dad & Three Kids Escorted Away By Bigfoot

This true encounter happened in the mid-1980’s. I am the father of 3 kids and, one day, while heading out to fish on the Clackamas River in Oregon, we were escorted away from our favorite fishing hole by a Bigfoot.

I have told my story before, and I believe it was published somewhere online and offline a year or so ago, if I remember correctly.

Either way, here is what my children and I not only witnessed that day, but what we went through to be exact…


Bigfoot Kills Rancher’s Cattle In Washington State
Tow Truck Operator Gets A Bigfoot Scare On Highway 101
Bigfoot In The Campgrounds
Bigfoot Watches Children Through Bedroom Window
Logger’s Camper Trashed by Bigfoot
Bigfoot At Canyon Creek
Husband & Wife Get Bigfoot Christmas Present
Hunted By Bigfoot On The Pacific Crest Trail
Attacked By Bigfoot
Trail Runner Gets A Bigfoot Surprise In Neah Bay, Washington!
Oh Momma! That Bigfoot Capsized My Fishing Boat!
Hiker Shoved by Sasquatch

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