March 6, 2006

Elephant or Lake Monster? What Do You Think?

Is this the picture that Cryptomundo readers referenced in Loren’s post Nessie as Elephant Theory Shortsighted?


I had found this photo on the internet several months ago. I’m not sure if the details about it are correct, but I will include them here:

The photo was taken from a plane in Mexico back in 1956.

The pilot claims that this was a large animal but within the photo itself there is nothing to give it scale–plus it’s blurry. This photo has been analyzed over and over–some think its an elephant, but no elephant should have been there either. Color was added to the background to aid the contrast between the object and the background in this faded image.

Is this the photo of an elephant swimming, a lake monster, a hoax, or something entirely different? Please weigh in with your opinion. If you have any additional, or even contradictory, information regarding this photograph to add, please share that as well.

Elephant Swimming

And here is a photo of an elephant swimming. While the photos are similar, they also have distinctive differences. What do you think?

Elephant as Loch Ness Monster

Does this diagram even look feasible?

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