September 13, 2010

England’s Nessie

Source: The search for England’s Loch Ness Monster

A team has been sweeping Lake Windermere with sonar to try and find England’s very own Loch Ness Monster.

In the past four years there have been seven sightings of the mysterious creature, which eyewitnesses say is some sort of long humpbacked animal.

It’s been nicknamed Bow-Nessie – and now 21st century technology is being deployed to try and prove she exists.

It’ll be a hard task, though, as Lake Windermere is huge, measuring 11 miles in length and up to 220-feet in depth in some places.

However, one local, Windermere hotel owner Thomas Noblett, claims that he’s had a close encounter with something big and rather strange in the cold waters of the lake.

He told Sky News: ‘All of a sudden I felt something brush past my legs like a giant fish.

‘And then I was lifted up by a three-foot wave. I’ve no idea what it was.’

The team searching for Bow-Nessie haven’t detected anything so far, aside from seeing an odd 20-foot disturbance in the water. The sonar read-outs remained stubbornly blank, though.

Hunt organiser, Dean Maynard, added: ‘We’ve had more creature sightings here than at Loch Ness in recent years so we think it’s time that Bow-Nessie received more attention.’

Or, it could just be a monstrous waste of time. Watch this space.Metro Online

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