June 26, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: Ratings and Season 2

There has been much talk on Cryptomundo regarding the ratings for Finding Bigfoot and the likelihood of a second season.

Matt Moneymaker addresses those issues here.

Posted by Matt Moneymaker on Friday, June 24th.

The ratings have been growing steadily, especially for the repeats. We’re now the number one show on Animal Planet.

I found out yesterday there will be a Season 2 and they want to get going with that immediately. As a matter of fact, we’ve leaving tomorrow to head up to Oregon to shoot another episode …

The series started off strong in the numbers and its getting more popular. You can be(t) it will go on for multiple seasons.Matt Moneymaker

Apparently the Q & A filming today will be used in a future episode airing in the second season.

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